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Latest News D9Clube

Hello everyone.

The following ‘Bits and Pieces’ of information are trickling in from wonderful subscribers in Kenya and other parts of the World. I am extremely grateful of my subscribers as we all try to move forward here with the D9Clube…meaning whether we want to continue or not.

For everyone to have a proper understanding of what is going on, we all need to know and understand the new D9Clube terminology.

Update October 24, 2017.

D9Clube, Danillo Santana and and his band of co-conspiritors have vanished. The website and back offices are not accessible to any one.

So, the article below is not going to be any value other than History.

First and foremost, I am going to ‘label’ the initial D9Clube program from January 2016 to end of July 2017, as D9.1

Anything to do with the D9Clube after August 1, 2017, I am going to refer to as D9.2.

Everyone that accepted the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the new D9.2 program, now have access to their own back office.

So please,

Everyone log-in to their back office.



and you will see the following:

Now Enter your following information: (See above).

  1. Enter your login username
  2. Enter your password
  3. ‘Check’ I’m not a Robot
  4. Click on ‘Entrar.’

And you will see the following page below:

Now you need to click on ‘Access my statement.’ See the red arrow on the green pane. Click on it

and you will see a page very much like this:

You will see 4 different Balances on this page. It is important to understand what each of these balances are and what they relate to.

I my case as shown in the illustration, all of my balances are ZERO.  Different people will have different amounts showing.

  1. D9 Balance – This is the Balance that you can make ‘withdrawals from.’ Minimum $300.00, Maximum $1,000.00 weekly.
  2. VIP Balance – This is the balance that is equivalent to your Bitcoin involvement. This value is in Bitcoin.
  3. VIP B Balance – is reserved for those that want to purchase the $5,000.00 package.
  4. D9B Balance – is the balance that has been carried forward into D9.2 from D9.1

Now, Let’s move forward…based on what we have.

If you have decided not to renew your main pre-existing account, no weekly DLD9 Payments or Direct Referral bonuses will be generated from those accounts. However, you will still receive funds from the Binary and bonuses from any new activation of new accounts under your existing account.

As a Networker/Builder it is advisable to register and  activate new purchase packages linked to your main pre-existing account to generate the binary, indirect and residual amounts.


Balance D9-B

The Balance D9-B was created exclusively to return the value to the associates who did not recover their original purchase package amount. This can be any amount up to $2046.00 per package.

Balance D9-B cannot be requested as a withdrawal. Balance D9-B can only be used for existing account renewals and activations of new accounts.

Balance D9-B may be added to Balance d9 in the activation of a package. In the renewal of an Existing Package or in the activation of a new package, the maximum percentage of balance D9-B that can be used is 50%.


Renewal Options to Receive DLD9

Those who have received the full $2046 of Balance d9-b, may use $1024.50 of this balance and will need to buy an additional $1024.50 in VIP Balance (Bitcoin) to activate a new Gold + account.

There will still be $1021.50 of Balance D9-b that can be sold or used to activate new accounts.

Those who receive $2046 of Balance D9-B, and do not want to reactivate or register new people, they can sell half of the D9-B Balance to an Upline or Downline member. This way, they will have the funds required to buy VIP Balance(Bitcoin) and reactivate their Gold+ package. Another way, which is a little bit more difficult, would be to exchange Balance D9-B for VIP Balance, to be able to buy a new Gold+ Package.

Career Plan Points and The Net Work Tree:

With the restart of D9Clube.2, the points of the Career Plan will still be maintained.

The Career Plan continues as the same as before. The rewards will be delivered at the company’s 2 year event in March 2018.

Due to all of the adjustments that have been made, the D9Clube claims that they have become the most solid Company among all companies in the Digital Marketing Arena. They will encourage all of their associates to make weekly withdrawals (minimum $300, Maximum $1000.00) to their respective Bitcoin Accounts.

Any associates that are no longer interested in being part of the D9Clube can sell their respective D9 Balances. D9.2 anticipates that in the beginning, most people will put up their D9-B balances up for sale first. They believe that by October 31st, all D9-B balances will have been purchased from all D9 members and non-members.

I am told…

That once each purchase account has received a net gain of $6241.00, then that purchase account has to be re-activated using the methods outlined above. In my opinion only, this raises yet another ‘redflag’ that the company is not using the funds generated from existing members to create profit on the markets to pay out the responsibilities on each package. Even though D9.2 has control now, they still have to perform to generate profits in order to pay out to their members without relying on new members coming in.

Please see video tuturials below to see what they are supposed to be doing:

Sports Arbitrage Guide 01 – Meet Tim Trader

You might have heard it be called surebetting, scalping, risk free betting, arbs, or maybe even something else entirely. But they are all the same thing and now you will have a little more clear idea of what sports arbitrage is and how profits can be made from it.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 02 – The Myths & Cons

Professional sports arbitrage trading can be a great way to make money but it’s not always as easy or as fun as some people will have you believe. You need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you jump in blindly. D9 Club members have this aspect covered for them through the team of highly specialized D9 Club Traders who will be doing the trading for them…as we are all told.


Sports Arbitrage Guide 03 – The Money

In part three of the sports arbitrage betting tips series, Tim Trader talks about the MONEY.  He discusses how much money you will need, how much money you could make, tax information, and more. Basically you get all the answers to your questions about the “money side” of sports arbitrage, which is obviously a very important topic.


Sports Arbitrage Guide 04 – The Calculations

In this video you will learn about the calculations and formulas used by sports arbitrage traders and how to apply them:

  • Calculate the implied probabilities of all possible market outcomes
  • Calculate the sum of the probabilities of all market outcomes
  • Divide the implied probability of each individual outcome by the sum of all probabilities

Note: Probabilities must be less than 100.


Sports Arbitrage Guide 05 – The Bookmakers

“love em or hate em…you gotta use em.” Yes, the Bookmakers. You’ll need at least 30, maybe even 100. Pinnacle Sports has emerged as one of the most popular online bookmakers providing savvy Arbitrageurs what they need. HERE IS A REVIEW.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 06 – The Bonuses

Online Bookmakers offer Free Bets and Bonuses for your business in the hopes that you will lose. In this video learn how to find an ‘even trade’ and walk away with their ‘Free Bets.’ ‘Bonuses’ and ‘Lost Leaders,


Sports Arbitrage Guide 07 – Newbie Errors

The Seven Biggest Mistakes novice traders make and how to avoid them.


Also, before leaving you here, I would like you to look at the sustainability and viability of this project.

I did some homework to see if it could be done.

Please see below:

Is The D9 Project Sustainable?

Sustainability & Viability

A question that many of us will have is “How can this D9 program maintain such payouts and still be around a few years from now?”

The answer lies in “Arbitrage Betting,” or more precisely, “Arbitrage Trading.”

Arbitrage Trading is the only way to make constant profits from “Sports Betting.” You don’t even need to have an interest in sports or betting to take advantage of an Arbitrage Bet. Arbitrage is a trading technique that uses the difference in the price (odds) to make instant profit. It has been used for a very long time in financial markets, which can be difficult for non-professionals to access.

Read More Here

Unlike other MLM and Networking programs that rely solely on the recruitment of new members to pay the previous members (Read About Charles Ponzi Here), the D9 Club has a team of “Traders” including the Owner and CEO, that specialize in Arbitrage Sports Trading.

Let’s have a look at a Gold Plus package ($1996.00) that belongs to an Affiliate that does not participate in the Recruiting aspect of the D9 Compensation and Program.

The cost of the Gold Plus Package is $1996.00.

The Maximum Direct Referral Bonus paid out to the Affiliate that sold the package is $170.00 (50% of the 340 points).

The maximum payable in Binary Commissions would be $408.00 (40% of 340 points X 6 levels deep divided by 2 legs = $136.00 X 6 = $816.00 divided by 2 legs = $408.00).

The Indirect Referral Bonus paid out on six levels is $58.00.

This would leave a balance of $1360.00 for the D9 Traders to generate the $170.00 weekly required to pay the holder in due course of this Gold Plus Package for 52 weeks.

Arbitrage Sports Trading is a seven day per week platform. This would mean that the traders are required to generate $24.28 per day using the $1360.00 to sustain this 1 particular package. If we were to divide the amount required ($24.28) by the amount available ($1360.00), we would see that the Traders need to generate an ROI (Return on Investment) of only 1.8% per day.

1.8% per day ROI in the hands of a Competent Trader is very reasonable. Would you not agree?

The D9 program not only seems Viable, it also seems to be completely Sustainable. 

Listen, people.

Was D9.1 a scam? Yes I think it was because all the profits were taken by top leaders through their personal accounts and never reached Danillo Santana and D9.1.

So those ‘Top Leaders” scammed all of us and ran away with the money. They are nowhere to be found.

However, Danillo is still here.  I do not know this man, so I cannot vouch for him. The fact that he is still here, does say something.

Now, if he is setting up many more millions into another ‘Scam’…I cannot be sure of.

You and I are our own ‘Network Marketing’ Control Board.

I, on this site, simply try to provide information. Your actions are your own.

Here’s what I think….If you have come across this post, then reply to it.

Let’s get as much feedback as possible to move things forward in a proper manner based on the options given to us above.

Hopefully, this makes sense.

Kindest regards,