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February 21, 2018

Earthquake warning:

UK struck by 21 quakes in 50 DAYS including biggest in 10 years.

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A British Geological Survey chart shows the seismic activity during the UK earthquake last week

SHOCKING figures show there have been 21 earthquakes in the UK in the last 50 days, including the biggest in ten years, with the majority striking Wales.

The news that Brits are living on shaky ground comes after a 4.6 quake struck in Wales last week, and was reported to be the strongest to have hit the UK in 10 years.

The British Geological Survey has registered the specific location of the quake to be the village of Cwmllynfell near Swansea.

BGS figures show that four others struck in Cwmllynfell the same day.

The 4.6 quake at 2:31pm was followed by a 1.8 quake at 2.35pm, a 1.2 quake at 3.09pm, a 1.5 quake at 4.27pm and a 2.2 quake at 11.17pm. Read Tom’s complete article <<<HERE>>>

China unveils plans for hypersonic jet that can fly anywhere in the world in three hours.

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Supersonic passenger travel is the aim of a number of innovators CREDIT: GETTY

new hypersonic aircraft could ferry passengers anywhere in the world in under three hours.

Travelling at up to 3,800 miles an hour, more than six times the speed of a typical commercial jet and twice as fast as a supersonic aircraft, it has been developed for the Chinese military, but could be used for passengers.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences say they have tested a scaled-down model of the hypersonic jet in a wind tunnel, where it reached a top speed of 5,343 km/ph.

Writing in the Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy journal, Cui Kai said: “It will take only a couple of hours to travel from Beijing to New York at hypersonic speed.

“This could provide more convenient and efficient transportation than present subsonic airplanes for long-distance journeys in future.’

The aircraft will have two sets of wings that use one another to reduce turbulence and drag.

What is hypersonic travel?

What is hypersonic travel?

It is loosely defined as “Mach 5”, or five times faster than the speed of sound, which would be 6,200km per hour at sea level

Why is it difficult to achieve?

In hypersonic travel, temperatures get so hot that the air molecules become unstable and start losing electrons. The air begins to change chemically and becomes an electrically-charged field

How close are we?

So far, most hypersonic test flights have been…… Read the entire article <<<HERE>>>

No passports, more turbulence and standing cabins – 18 ways flying is going to change.

Flying could be very different in the future… here’s what you could expect to see in 5, 10 and 50 years time.

Within five years…

The end of passports

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Face recognition technology is being trialled at airports CREDIT: THIS CONTENT IS SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT./STEGERPHOTO

Facial recognition technology is making great gains. A British company is planning on installing biometric tunnels at Dubai International Airport later this year, where people’s faces will be checked as they pass through against a digital passport photos.

Australia also plans to test a similar “contactless” passport control system that checks arrivals against electronic versions of passports and biometric cues. It would let passengers “literally just walk out like at a domestic airport” and is expected to begin in March 2019.

  • In-flight gyms
  • Starbucks in the sky
  • Children’s play areas
  • Airlines could pay you to fly with them
  • More low-cost long-haul flights
  • Non-stop flights Down Under
  • Tickets to Space
  • The end of luggage worries
  • Bigger plane windows (and views)
  • A new kind of Airport
  • Standing on flights

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