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Updated January 2018.

Hi, my name is Paul and I welcome you to my Digital Entrepreneurs site.

I am a former Professional Chef and my experience in the Hospitality Industry has spanned almost forty years.

I am a regular guy who used to have regular jobs and at one time owned and operated my own restaurant with my now ex-wife (I never re-married). I have one grown son attending University where he is pursuing his ambition in ‘Sports Medicine.’ My Son and Ex-Wife live in Calgary, Alberta.

I now live a simple lifestyle without too many distractions in a humble and quiet setting and I have been blessed with a very trusted circle of friends.

I have also been blessed with one older brother, one older sister, four nephews and one niece. Dad passed away in 2013 (may his soul rest in peace). Mom is still with us but requires some special attention that neither of us kids can any longer provide sufficiently.

The original theme behind this site was to show savvy and like minded people how to get involved with the D9Clube of Sports Traders and to also show them about some of the tools they would need to make their digital online journey easier.

Arbitrage is a concept that has always fascinated me.

In economics and financearbitrage (US: /ˈɑːrbɪtrɑːʒ/UK: /ˈɑːbɪtrɪ/UK: /ˌɑːbɪˈtrɑːʒ/) is the practice of taking advantage of a price difference between two or more markets: striking a combination of matching deals that capitalize upon the imbalance, the profit being the difference between the market prices. When used by academics, an arbitrage is a (imagined, hypothetical, thought experiment) transaction that involves no negative cash flow at any probabilistic or temporal state and a positive cash flow in at least one state; in simple terms, it is the possibility of a risk-free profit after transaction costs. For instance, an arbitrage is present when there is the opportunity to instantaneously buy low and sell high. Read more here: ‘Arbitrage Trading.’  

Sports Arbitrage Trading can be regarded as one of the hottest sources of income on The Internet. Put simply, Sports Arbitrage Trading is the action of wagering on both sides of a game at different Sports Books to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome of a game. Put more simply, by backing all competing sides of a sporting event at different Bookmakers using the highest odds available, Traders can set up “probability situations” where each outcome will result in winnings greater than the total amounts wagered.

These probability situations arise from a difference in opinion about the fair odds of an event by bookmakers, and one bookmaker has given the favorite higher than usual odds, while the other bookmakers have given given the underdog higher than usual odds. Individually neither bookmaker will incur a loss. However, if you take the combination of the two or more higher than usual odds, it is possible to wager on all outcomes so that no matter who wins the sports event, ‘Trader Winnings’ will cover all bets completely and return a profit. Sounds simple right?

Unfortunately, Arbitrage Sports Trading is not as easy as it seems.

D9Clube Launches in Early 2016

Link to a blog hosted by Linda.

Click on this image to get another view of the D9Clube History.

For that reason, the D9Clube of Traders headed by a Danillo Santana launched the D9Clube in early 2016. They started in Bahia, Brazil and all of their marketing materials were in Portuguese.

It looked like they had a good plan and concept but it was not easy to decipher through the language barrier.

You can read another version of what D9Clube was by clicking on the D9Clube image.

They went into the European and African markets in September 2016 and came to the US and Canada in January 2017. By now they were Worldwide and had attracted many of the top leaders in the MLM/Network Marketing Communities.

I bought one of their packages in Q1 2017 mostly because of my interest in Arbitrage and also to create my first information website. You see, I am a mature student enrolled in an Online Certification Program.

You can view my Wealthy Affiliate University profile here.

Creating this website for those who do not speak or understand the Latin languages was my first project at WAU. This site was created as an information site only and has nothing to do with nor has any connections with the official D9Clube of Sports Traders.

As we all know now, D9Clube and its crew of thieves are long gone. I can only guess how many have been negatively affected by this very sophisticated Scam.

I have decided to leave this Site open for now as it has a lot of very valuable information on it.

Certain content will be moved to another more secure site as I progress through my learnings at Wealthy Affiliate University.

Make notes and feel free to leave comments and questions on the various pages or contact me direct: paulmindra.wau@gmail.com

I’ll see you on the inside, and hope that you find the content and opportunities contained within not only helpful but also useful. I look forward to learning, sharing and serving with you as we all move forward here.

Kindest regards,


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