D9Clube Claims – November 15th to 25th…Does not make complete sense.


Is the website you need to go to make your D9 Clube Claim

You will see the below:

Links to www.d9clubeclaims.com

Click on the image “Welcome to D9 ClubeClaims” to view the same page and be able to register your claim.

Hi Everyone.

I received the above information a few days ago from a loyal subscriber.  Make of it what you think is best.

I did register but did not send the $20.00 in BTC. I have also been emailing to legal@d9clubeclaims.com but have not received anything back.

The opportunities to ‘Scam’ are too many out there.

Is this yet another one to bleed us completely dry?

Your thoughts are welcome.

“What are you Struggling with?

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Is the D9 Club Dead?

Updated October 24, 2017.

Yes, the D9Clube is Dead.

Hi, Everyone.

Please forgive me for not writing earlier, but I have been waiting just like everyone else to see how one should move further.

As we all know, the original D9clube (let’s call it D9.1) started to wind down during the last three weeks of July with hopes of rejuvenation in August with the new and improved D9.2.

Actually by August 7th, D9.2 was up and running.

My biggest concern from the beginning and even to today is that if anyone is operating a ‘Global’ business, why would it not be done in the Universal Language of English?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

I think that the biggest and most urgent question that we are all asking is…Did we get ‘scammed’ out of our money?

From what I have learned so far, I can say only yes, and no.

I can only use myself as an example to see how it may affect others and their story.

I purchased a package from D9.1 in February 2017. My reasoning was that I cannot write objectively about this concept unless I am involved with it. The concept of ‘Arbitrage Sports trading’ see the video tutorials here


is what got me involved to seek further knowledge and ultimately set up an Information Website.

I am not a professional MLM or Network Marketing Specialist, but I do take some risks in programs that are ‘Passive.’ D9.1 said that I did not have to do any recruiting and that on my purchase package of $2046.00, I would earn $170.00 per week for 52 weeks which would give me a net gain of $6,241.00 over one year.

To me, this was completely viable based on ‘Arbitrage Sports Trading,’ and as long as they were ‘Trading’ to generate profits, this program could be sustainable.

See my thoughts on sustainability of the program here:


Right from the ‘Get Go,’ I told people here in Canada, that the D9.1 platform did not have a ‘seamless’  payment and joining process and this was a huge ‘red flag.’ Not too many listened because of the ‘outlandish’ amounts of money that one could make.

Those ‘Outlandish’ amounts of money were only made by the leaders and Danillo Santana and we were left holding the bag. (More on this in another post as I gather my information).

From the information that I have, D9.1 had huge amounts of cash flowing, but not through the company. It all went through the hands of a few top distributors who can no longer be found and even more importantly, some high level sub distributors that have turned their backs on their downlines.

All I can say is D9.1 is a complete MESS and I am told that by March of next year, refunds will be coming to those that were ‘messed up in the process.’

We can only wait and see.

The only ‘ray’ of light I see so far is that Danillo Santana did not run away and is trying to bring his vision to light through D9.2.

As more information becomes available to me, I will write and share what I know about D9.2 and what requires to be done to recover our funds.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below as it will help me to help you.

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Watch for my next post.

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D9 Compensation Plan – Explained


D9 Club provides 4 levels of E-Learning Packages that provide their members with the opportunity to learn, experience and participate (not mandatory) in the World of Sports Arbitrage Trading using the Betfair Suite of Peer to Peer Sports Trading Platforms.

Network Affiliate Marketing

D9 leverages on the efforts of their dedicated in-house Network of Trading Specialists to drive and generate attractive incomes for their Member Affiliate Organizations. The D9 Club Compensation Plan for Affiliate Networkers and their organizations ranks amongst the best in the World.

THE MARKET – Sports Trading in Football (Soccer)

“The current estimations, which include both illegal markets and the legal markets, suggest that the sports matching (Sports Trading) industry is worth anywhere between $700 Billion and $1 Trillion a year” says Darren Small, Director of Integrity at Sportrader.

“…And 70% of that trading has been estimated to come from trading in football.”

The D9 Club of Trading Professionals use a platform Globally known as Betfair.

Betfair is similar to a Stock Exchange that specializes in the area of “Sports Trading” and moves more than $100 million through their Worldwide Platform daily…

Watch the Video First

Video Explained In Detail Below:

Passive And Team Builder Commissions

All Members are required to purchase a $50 per month ‘Starter’ subscription membership. This subscription membership fee allows individuals to become ‘Affiliates’ within the D9 Club of Digital Entrepreneurs. All memberships and packages are based on a point system. The ‘Starter’ membership subsrciption creates 20 points.

The income potential of a D9 club affiliate can be increased via the purchase of optional affiliate packages. D9 offers the following packages (Amounts are in USD):

  • Trader Bronze – $249 + $50 (subscription) = $299 (85 points)
  • Trader Silver – $499 + $50 (subscription) = $549 (185 points)
  • Trader Gold – $998 + $50 (subscription) = $1048 (340 ponts)
  • Trader Gold Plus – $1996 + $50 (subscription) = $2046 (340 points)

D9 offers a Unique Opportunity for everyone to earn whether they are a Team Builder or they are just interested in a Passive Income. D9 suggests that Affiliates that purchase the Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages should build at least a team of 2 to qualify for Binary & Unilevel Commisions to maximize their returns. If you would just like to earn from D9 club without referring anyone, TRADER GOLD PLUS is the package that is best suited to your needs. There are no limits to the number of packages that an Affiliate can buy.

Members can ‘Upgrade’ from one package to another at any time to increase their earnings. All packages and upgrades incur a $3.00 processing fee. See the Tables below for a breakdown of the Packages, their associated Point Sysytem and the daily/weekly/monthly payouts offered through the D9 Compensation Plan.

Note: D9 club deducts $50 monthly from earnings from all members, for portal management fees but allows an additional stream of income from these membership registrations. The D9 Club offers Multiple Streams of Income.

Direct Packages (DLD9)

Examples of the above chart are Broken Down to reflect (Positive-Negative Gains) WITHOUT any Team Building…meaning no participation in the program other than owning a Trader Package.

Take this Package only if you are planning to build your business by sharing with others. You will need a minimum of Two Direct Referrals to Qualify for the Balance of the Compensation plan to turn this package from a ‘Negative’ to a ‘Positive.’

A Passive Member will not lose by taking this package but the net gain is not that great (Still better than a savings account at a Bank). It is suggested that the Member introduce at least Two Direct Referrals to maximize the potential of the D9 Compensation Plan with this package also.

This is not a ‘Bad’ return on a package purchase of $1598 over a 52 week period. This package almost doubles your money. Again, by simply sharing the d9 club project with 2 Direct Referrals, it would open the flood gates to the D9 Compensation Plan.

Now, let’s have a serious look at Package 4…The most popular package.

This Package is designed for the ‘Serious Player’ who does not necessarily want to rely on others and what they can bring. As you can see, to be totally ‘Passive’ in this program, the best program is the GOLD PLUS. The question most often asked is: “How many of these packages should I have working for me?”

For a more Complete and Comprehensive insight into the advantages of GOLD PLUS Membership, Please Go Here to Advanced (login maybe Required).

Now, Let’s have a look at what will occur if you are a ‘Team Builder’.

Direct & Indirect Membership Bonuses

The Table below outlines the commission structure percentages, points achieved and the depth of levels which the membership apllies.

Direct Referral Bonuses

Based on the Software Package that you purchase for yourself, you can start to “Build Your Team” through Direct Referrals and earn affiliate commissions. As shown below, depending on the package which you have chosen for yourself will depend on the amount of commission you will earn when someone purchases a package from you.


Eg. 1

John is already an affiliate member of D9. He came into the program with a Bronze Package $299 ($249 + $50). He introduces the program to Paul and Paul decides that he is going to purchase the Gold Package for $1048 ($998 + $50). Paul’s package purchase is worth 340 points. Each ‘Point’ in the D9 program has the equivalent value of $1 USD.

In this first exmple, John, because he is Trader Bronze, will be entitled to earn 30% of 340 points. By simply referring Paul to the D9 program, John will earn $102 for this referral. Paul now becomes a Level 1 “Direct Referral” to John through other parts of the D9 compensation plan.

Eg. 2

Paul just joined through John (Eg.1) by purchasing a Trader Gold Package for $1048 ($998 + $50).

He introduces the program to Chico. Chico sees the opportunity and he decides to purchase a Trader Gold package just like Paul’s for $1048 ($998 + $50). The Trader Gold package is worth 340 points. Because Paul is a Trader Gold affiliate, he is entitled to a 50% commission on the sale of this package to Chico. Paul will earn 50% of 340 which means that he will earn $170 on the sale of this package to Chico.

Chico now becomes Paul’s Level 1 Direct Referral and also becomes John’s Level 2 Indirect Referral for other parts of the D9 Compensation Plan.

As you can see, building a Team has Its Rewards.

Indirect Referral Bonuses

From Eg. 1 & Eg.2 above in the Direct Referral Bonuses, John introduced Paul who became John’s level 1 direct referral and Paul referred Chico and Chico became John’s second level 2 indirect referral. When Chico refers Tony for example, Tony will become John’s level 3 referral and so on.

John, because he is a Trader Bronze can only earn on his first 3 levels deep and because Paul and Chico are Trader Gold members, they can each earn on all 6 levels.

Over time as affiliates establish their businesses, this can add up to be a substantial amount of earned revenue through Indirect Referral Commissions.

Binary Balance Bonuses

All members must have a minimum of Two Direct Referrals (one on the left and one on the right) to qualify for The Binary Bonuses. Binary commissions are paid on your Minor (lower volume) leg.

  • Trader Bronze members receive 20% of the points on the lower volume leg;
  • Trader Silver members receive 30% of the points on the lower volume leg; and
  • Trader Gold and Trader Gold+ receive 40% of the points on the lower volume leg.

So based on the minor leg (765 points) in the example above:

  • A Trader Bronze Member would earn $153.oo;
  • A Trader Silver Member would earn $$229.50; and
  • Trader Gold & Gold Plus members would each earn $306.00

Looks like a pretty good system so far.

Residual On Monthly Activation

Everyone in the D9 Program pays a $50.00 Monthly Subscription Fee. It will be deducted automatically from your monthly profits on a monthly basis. This monthly subscription is basically a ‘Portal Maintenance’ fee.

The D9 Club has taken this monthly subscription fee and turned it into yet another income stream for their affiliates.

The Monthly Subscription Fee gives each affiliate 20 points respectively. Each affiliate will earn from affiliates on their respective teams a certain percentage of those 20 points regardless of their purchased package as shown in the table above. The only difference is that Trader Bronze goes only 3 levels deep and Trader Silver goes 4 levels deep. Gold and Gold Plus Traders qualify for 6 levels deep.

Let’s say that you had 5 affiliates direct to you and they each had 5 direct to them, the payout would look like this (see below):

These amounts would be paid on a Monthly Basis.

Residual On Team Gains (DLD9)

This is New to The Industry and it is quite powerful.

When someone joins or becomes an Affiliate by purchasing a Trader Package, let’s say they took the Gold+ Package…they are going to earn $170 per week for themselves.

And if you are the person who introduced that person, you are going to earn 3% on that $170 for that direct referral. Not just one time, but for 52 weeks.

Now, let’s say you have 10 referrals like this on your first level. That would mean that these 10 are each earning $170 per week and their total combined earnings will be $1700. By being their direct sponsor, you will earn 3% of $1700 which would equal $51 per week for a full 52 weeks. Not Bad.

This happens on the other levels as well based on the package which you have chosen for yourself. See the chart above.

Qualify For Amazing Rewards…

Every Affiliate of The D9 Club can qualify for rewards as their business grows over time.

In order to Qualify for the Rewards Program every affiliate must be qualified for The Binary (minimum one direct referral on the left and one on the right) and must be at minimum a “Trader Silver.” 




D9 Also offer Car Rewards. This is unlike other programs where you will get a “Lease” on a Car. When you reach the qualifications as listed below, you will actually receive the ‘Keys’ and ‘Title’ to the car. If you do not want the car, then you can take the cash equivalent. To qualify for the cars, members must be a Glod Trader or Higher.



Sustainability & Viability

A question that many of us will have is “How can this D9 program maintain such payouts and still be around a few years from now?”

The answer lies in “Arbitrage Betting,” or more precisely, “Arbitrage Trading.”

Arbitrage Trading:

Arbitrage Trading is the only way to make constant profits from “Sports Betting.” You don’t even need to have an interest in sports or betting to take advantage of an Arbitrage Bet. Arbitrage is a trading technique that uses the difference in the price (odds) to make instant profit. It has been used for a very long time in financial markets, which can be difficult for non-professionals to understand or even access.

Read more Here.

Unlike some other MLM and Networking programs that rely solely on the recruitment of new members to pay the previous members, the D9 Club has a team of “Traders” including the Owner and CEO, that specialize in Arbitrage Sports Trading to generate revenue for the company. It is really important to note that ‘Recruiting’ is not mandatory within this business model.

Let’s have a look at a Gold Plus package ($1996.00) that belongs to an Affiliate that does not participate in the Recruiting aspect of the D9 Compensation and Program.

The Cost of the Gold Plus Package is $1996.00

The Maximum Direct Referral Bonus paid out to the Affiliate that sold this Package is $170.00 (50% of 340 points).

The Maximun payable in Binary Commissions would be $408.00 (40% of 340 points X 6 Levels deep divided by 2 legs = $136.00 X 6 = $816.00 dived by 2 legs = $408.00).

The Indirect Referral Bonus paid out on six levels is $58.00.

This would leave a balance of $1360.00 for the Traders.

The D9Clube.com claim is that they will pay the holder in due course of one of their Gold Plus Packages $170.00 per week for 52 Weeks.

Is this ‘too good to be true’ or is it actually possible? Let’s have a look.

D9 Claim that they will pay $170.00 per week.

From the above we have determined that D9 Traders have at their disposal $1360.00 to keep this one package up to date and in good standing.

Arbitrage Sports Trading is a Seven Day per week platform. If we divide $170.00 per week by 7 days, it would mean that D9 Traders would have to generate a minimum of $24.28 per day using $1360.00 to maintain and sustain this one particular affiliate package. Are you with me so far?

If we were to divide the amount required ($24.28) to sustain the package by the amount available ($1360.00) to the trader for wagering, we would see that the Trader needs to generate an ROI of 1.8% on just one trade per day.

Even though ROI’s in Arbitrage Sports Trading are quite small 1-4% (because they are sure bets), 1.8% per day ROI in the hands of a Competent Trader is a very reasonable expectation. Would you not Agree?


Keep coming back for updates.

From what I see so far…all is good. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. (Login or ‘Join’ information may be required).

Watch The Compensation Video Again Below:

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