1. More about d9 club

    • Hi, Francis.
      Here are my thoughts…
      Set up and headquartered in Bahia, Brazil January 2016 by a ‘Sports Trading’ enthusiast by the name of Danillo Santana.
      Offices in China also.

      They came to us here in Canada in January 2017.

      Interesting concept…’Arbitrage Sports Trading.’

      We here, are not allowed to participate, but we can have an authorized representative act on our behalf.
      Hence…D9 Clube of Sports Traders.

      D9 Clube have adopted a Multi-Level aspect to their growth.

      This can be considered as both good and bad.

      They offer e-learning packages (unfortunately in a language that I do not understand.)

      But the concept is sound…’Arbitrage Sports Trading.’

      They need to improve in their payment processing systems and I am told that the improvements are coming.

      Let’s see.

      Their most popular purchase package is valued at $2049.00 USD complete with set-up.

      This package allows their trading team to work with about $1360.00 USD to earn for you $170.00 per week.

      Learn more here:


      I am not a big fan of MLM/Network Marketing.

      But I am one of the three percent that has never lost money in this volatile environment.

      Why? One reason…I have a website.

      Another reason…I know how to play.

      I purchased a $2049.00 package so that I could accurately report on it.

      My $2049.00 was safely back to me in 13 weeks. I am now enjoying my way to $6241.00 net gain over the term of my package purchase.

      Was there a risk? Yes. But it was calculated.


      reach out for more information.

      Most people are being hurt by ‘misguided’ up lines.

      I mean no malice in any way.

      I am here to only help.

      Kindest Regards,


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