1. Hi Paul,
    I am new member on this club but I have not collected any money what are the procedures.

  2. Hi Paul;
    I have two questions:
    1.I cancelled my withrawal request two weeks,when will i see the money in my d9 clube.
    2.I am in Kenya which bitcoin wallet will assist me to make withdrawals.I have tried xapo which has taken forever to verify my i write this i opened a coinbased account but i fear will it work inKenya too?
    Thanks for your videso,i am waiting to hear fro you.

    • Hi, Kennedy.

      If you were instructed properly, your withdrawal request should have been turned into VIP points as soon as you cancelled your request.
      I use only the bitcoin wallet available from

      Inside your questions…there are many other questions.

      I will write a post to help answer them further.

      Best regards,


  3. Great job Paul…u indeed God send…wish you and your family lots of Gods blessings!

  4. I want to withdraw money from d9 without transfer to someone else, I av pesapal account can’t work ad how, kenya

    • Withdrawals are requested on Monday’s only.
      Make sure you have your ‘receive’ information updated in your ‘bank data.’
      Request your withdrawal on Monday. It will be moved into a clearing account and sent to you two weeks later.
      You can do this every Monday as long as you have a minimum of $300.00.
      Why such a fuss and confusion regarding this program?


  5. This post was invaluable!!! Paul u truly r a gifted educator & priceless resource not just for D9clube but other endeavors. Paul teaches us “how to fish” & I would rather take the pains to learn new things instead of him giving me a fish.

    • Thank you, Carol.
      What a wonderful response. I am almost left speechless.
      I can see that what you have written comes from your heart and for that I am
      completely grateful. I am glad that in some way the information provided on this
      site is of value to you.
      And yes,
      You are correct…this is not just about D9. It has to do with much more.
      I am so very pleased that you have seen the ‘White on the Black’ as such.

      Best and kindest regards, Carol. Thank you.
      It means more than you can think or know.


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