Is the D9 Club Dead?

Updated October 24, 2017.

Yes, the D9Clube is Dead.

Hi, Everyone.

Please forgive me for not writing earlier, but I have been waiting just like everyone else to see how one should move further.

As we all know, the original D9clube (let’s call it D9.1) started to wind down during the last three weeks of July with hopes of rejuvenation in August with the new and improved D9.2.

Actually by August 7th, D9.2 was up and running.

My biggest concern from the beginning and even to today is that if anyone is operating a ‘Global’ business, why would it not be done in the Universal Language of English?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

I think that the biggest and most urgent question that we are all asking is…Did we get ‘scammed’ out of our money?

From what I have learned so far, I can say only yes, and no.

I can only use myself as an example to see how it may affect others and their story.

I purchased a package from D9.1 in February 2017. My reasoning was that I cannot write objectively about this concept unless I am involved with it. The concept of ‘Arbitrage Sports trading’ see the video tutorials here


is what got me involved to seek further knowledge and ultimately set up an Information Website.

I am not a professional MLM or Network Marketing Specialist, but I do take some risks in programs that are ‘Passive.’ D9.1 said that I did not have to do any recruiting and that on my purchase package of $2046.00, I would earn $170.00 per week for 52 weeks which would give me a net gain of $6,241.00 over one year.

To me, this was completely viable based on ‘Arbitrage Sports Trading,’ and as long as they were ‘Trading’ to generate profits, this program could be sustainable.

See my thoughts on sustainability of the program here:


Right from the ‘Get Go,’ I told people here in Canada, that the D9.1 platform did not have a ‘seamless’  payment and joining process and this was a huge ‘red flag.’ Not too many listened because of the ‘outlandish’ amounts of money that one could make.

Those ‘Outlandish’ amounts of money were only made by the leaders and Danillo Santana and we were left holding the bag. (More on this in another post as I gather my information).

From the information that I have, D9.1 had huge amounts of cash flowing, but not through the company. It all went through the hands of a few top distributors who can no longer be found and even more importantly, some high level sub distributors that have turned their backs on their downlines.

All I can say is D9.1 is a complete MESS and I am told that by March of next year, refunds will be coming to those that were ‘messed up in the process.’

We can only wait and see.

The only ‘ray’ of light I see so far is that Danillo Santana did not run away and is trying to bring his vision to light through D9.2.

As more information becomes available to me, I will write and share what I know about D9.2 and what requires to be done to recover our funds.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below as it will help me to help you.

Also feel free to subscribe to this website by going here:


and get personal info and updates and answers to your questions.

Watch for my next post.

Kindest Regards,





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    • Hello and thank you.
      Paul from Canada.

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    • Hello and thank you for your kind words.
      Paul from Canada.

  3. We are a group of almost ten co-workers in a leading firm in Tanzania. We ‘invested’ in that business which turned out to be a scam. Till to date our monies have not been recovered neither the local leaders are not anywhere to be seen.

    • Dearest Jimmy,
      It is a disgrace that so many people lost so much in this investment scam.
      You and your co-workers will never see that money ever again. Nor will yourlocal leaders show face.

      Recently, yet another ‘Clone’ of D9Clube known as ‘Mining Capital Coin’ was launched in your Country and it was headed by Protus Smart in the background.I’m sure you know who he is or at least have heard of him:

      You can view the launch here:

      He and the other leaders once again manipulated the system and Mining Capital Coin is nomore in Africa. I’m not sure how many more lost their hard earned money or life savings.

      What is even more disgraceful are the ‘Religious’ and ‘faith’ tactics that are used to manipulate the masses into opening their wallets.

      Will it ever end? No.
      People need to become wiser and learn from their experiences.

      From my experience, any investment program that can stand on its own is a little bit safer than one that requires recruitment. Money/Investment and recruitment equals Ponzi, equals the later investors are left holding an empty bag.

      These programs are known as HYIP’s (High Yield Investment Programs) and the only ones that will make money are the ones that get in first.

      Always proceed with caution moving forward.

      Thank you for stopping by to share your story.

      Kindest regards from Canada.


  4. I joined D9 in september 2017 by borrowed cash and immediately it collapsed.Will i really get my Cash back?

    • Hi, Jone.
      The owners and crooks behind the D9 Clube Scam are long gone.
      They, along with the money from tens of thousands of people is nowhere to be found.

      Be careful of another Scam that is targeting Africa.

      It is called “Mining Capital Coin”

      It is an exact clone of the D9Clube as far as the business model is concerned.

      If you get involved in this one also, you are doing at your own risk and will probably lose your money.
      Proceed with caution.

      Better still, don’t proceed at all and warn your friends and family.

      Best regards,


  5. Hi, so does it mean D9 Clube died and our monies just got lost like that??I can’t stand before my Hubby to Narrate such a story… Am depressed… So far no news about D9 and Danillo Santana???

    • Hi, Rodah.
      Unfortunately this is exactly what it means.
      D9Clube led by Danillo Santana orchestrated one of the largest Ponzi Schemes of 2016,2017.

      They are nowhere to be found.

      These guys are ‘serial’ thieves and I would not be surprised if they came back with yet another scheme.

      They have ruined many lives.

      Thank you for stopping by to say hello.

      Kindest regards,


    • It was a night mere for everyone of us who joined D9. I never expect this will happened. I can’t also explain to my son and to my downlines what exactly happened to D9 or Danillo Santana. Everyone is hoping that we will be refunded or get back our money this March but nothing happened.

      • Hi, Hilda.
        Thank you for stopping by.

        We will never see any of our money nor the whereabouts of Danillo Santana and his crew.

        We all have to be more careful in the future.

        Almost everything that has to do with cryptocurrency is operating one way or another as a Scheme.
        Please think twice before handing over your hard earned money.

        Be safe.


  6. I’m sorry, Unfortunately the news here in Brazil is not good. Marcelo is a fugitive from the police.

    • Hi, Cleber.
      Thank you for stopping by to say hello and posting your comment.
      I am pleased to make your acquaintance.

      The news is ‘Not Good’ not only in Brazil, but all over the World.

      Who is ‘Marcelo’ and why is he a fugitive from the Police?

      I do not know of any Marcelo from Brazil.

      If you are from Brazil, Cleber, how far are you away from Bahia? Apparently the head offices of D9Clube are headquartered there.

      Please continue to send any additional information that the subscribers and members here can receive value from.
      I would really like to learn more about Marcelo. His name has never come up in any circles that I am aware of.

      Kindest regards,


  7. Hallo,Paul,
    Have tried to login(access) my account but i can’t too.

    • I can say is only by the grace of God we are here and waiting for our refunds as African we get our money in hussal way very difficult time when u invest thinking you will at least change your life to better only tears at the end. think of poor African countries we are crying for our sweat and God is our final say. I did invested my money which left me divorced what a pain

      • Hi, Catherine.
        I have heard too many very sad stories.
        I received the following link from a subscriber here.


        Have a look at it.

        I am uncertain. I have sent enquiries into the supporting email address.

        Everyone, please use good jugement.

        Kindest regards,


  8. Hi
    Few days ago I listen to the clip from Mr Smart of Uganda saying that they as leaders of D9 in Africa are consulting with lawyers in Pursuit to take Danillo Santana to court. Mr smart said that they want Danillo Santana to refund all money he has taken from people. My question here is do the have Substantial evidences to win the case?

    • Hi, Siriwa.
      Thank you for dropping by to say hello. You might have some good news here.
      Where can we listen to this clip?

      Please post a link here.


      • Hi

        i failed to upload the mentioned clip.

        • Hi, Siriwa.
          Hope it provides the information that you are looking for.

          Kindest regards,


        • hi series inbox the clip 07 127300 27 watsap

          • admin

            Thank you, Magdalene.

            Hi, Siriwa.
            Magdelene has provided “clip 07 127300 27”


  9. No payment, can’t access back office.

    • Hi, Esther.
      No one can access their back office. The site is not active.
      I fear the worst.


  10. Am very discouraged with d9.where did Danillo go?

    • Hi again, Esther.
      I can not get any information on where Danillo Santana is nor the status of the company.

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