D9Clube Claims – November 15th to 25th…Does not make complete sense.


Is the website you need to go to make your D9 Clube Claim

You will see the below:

Links to www.d9clubeclaims.com

Click on the image “Welcome to D9 ClubeClaims” to view the same page and be able to register your claim.

Hi Everyone.

I received the above information a few days ago from a loyal subscriber.  Make of it what you think is best.

I did register but did not send the $20.00 in BTC. I have also been emailing to legal@d9clubeclaims.com but have not received anything back.

The opportunities to ‘Scam’ are too many out there.

Is this yet another one to bleed us completely dry?

Your thoughts are welcome.

“What are you Struggling with?

Leave your comments below.

Kindest regards,

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Dear Visitor,
Content to this site is no longer being added to on a regular basis.

Because the D9 Clube no longer exists, much of the content here has been moved to the following site to preserve the memory of this site. Click on the image below to visit that site starting with the biggest scam 0f 2017 “The D9 Clube of Arbitrage Sports Trading”.

Image links to the Scam-Or-Dare website.

Click on the image above to go to the Scam-Or-Dare website.

I’ll meet up with you there.

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  1. Hello Paul, What date did d9Clube go down. I need this information to check whether I was actually registered with the scheme or if my money is in my upliner’s bank account. I hanks.

    • Hi, Emmanuel.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      You raise actually a couple of very important questions here.

      I cannot tell you the exact date and time that D9Clube went down.
      I’ll give you a reference here to check it out:


      Their entire ‘Exit Procedure’ was so convoluted and well planned that many more got sucked into their Scheme through the leaders in various parts of the world.

      I would say that the time to ‘get out’ was August, 2017.

      To get in, in January 2017 with expansion to Canada and the Us was ideal for the leaders all over the world.

      I would have to say that a potential of 2-4 billionaires were created at the loss and expense of hundreds of many Millionaires.

      Don’t worry,
      The Millionaires did not lose. They just did not become Billionaires, this time.

      They will keep coming back with the next scheme.

      Yes, confront your up line. Then confront their up lines, and then their up lines. Get as many details as you can.

      Kindest regards,


      • Hi Paul
        In regard to compensation, this in my view is a dead end and people should focus on moving forward and be resilient and be watchful for the next scum, I believe they will come up with a new ponzi trying to be millionaires.

        • Hi, James.
          You have been gone away for some time now. Welcome back.How long before you go back?
          Thank you for stopping by. I know how your access is limited to a fortnightly arrangement.

          D9 was finished way back in mid to late 2017.
          They even executed a brilliant exit plan. It was crazy. So many more people fell for it.

          Classified as ‘one of the biggest scams in 2017’ it did not even compare to the Bitconnect fiasco and then Davorcoin.

          Why is the World being targeted with these schemes?

          I will put some stuff out there.

          We have lost our money and bitcoin to D9, we can still keep our conversations alive right here on this site.

          All in due time.

          Subscribe here: http://d9club.siterubix.com/membership-join

          Kindest regards,


  2. There are big groups of people in Texas,Illinois,California and more in the US. that where victims of fraud by D9Club and it was many low income people, is any thing that we can do to help?.

    • Hi, Omelia.
      Paul here from Canada.

      Not only are there big groups in the territories that you have mentioned, there are territories that are far bigger.
      And, yes. the low-income/lower educated people are being targeted.

      How can you and I help. I’m not sure.

      I do have a website. Perhaps I can put out ‘Alerts’ about new Ponzi’s and schemes coming out.

      Perhaps even a ‘Blog.’

      What do you think?


    • Hi, Cathy.
      Thank you for stopping by to say hello and ask your question.
      What is the way?
      If you google ‘what is the way’ You will get mostly ‘Church’ Context.

      If you mean ‘What is the way to level the playing field with all of these money schemes,’ then that is something else.

      That is what I am working on now.
      I have to move my information site http://d9club.siterubix.com/ to a longer lasting location first of all.
      I’m going to keep it because it has a lot of valuable information.

      I would value as many people as possible to subscribe to this site.
      The link is here: http://d9club.siterubix.com/membership-join

      I do not spam. I have an auto responder, but I have not used it yet.

      We need to share what we have learned on our journeys so far.

      I am a firm believer of the Internet, The Internet of Things, The Internet of Money and now The Internet of Value.

      Stay in touch, stay subscribed is all that I can say for now.
      We will never see nor hear anything of value being returned to us ever again from the D9Clube of fraudsters.

      We just have to move forward and stay subscribed.

      Kindest regards,


  3. Hi, anyone receive the money back?

    • Hi, Joe.
      Not a single thing. Not to anyone that I know of. They are long gone. Many of them will re-appear in another form.
      Proceed with caution with any future programs.

      I’m going to keep this site open and try to bring to light, information on other programs that have already failed or are failing as we speak.

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello.


  4. it may be true,another trick to scam people of their money,this time we need to carefully

    • Hi, Geoffrey.
      We need to be careful all the time.

      These ‘scoundrels’ do not know when to stop.

      I do not know what the solution is. Share with all of us if you have one.

      Kindest regards,


      • Hi Paul have you heard about the claim on D9 clube? November 25 is over. We registered for the claim but we didn’t pay also the $25.00

        • Hi, Hilda.
          Good thing that you did not send the $20.00 in coin.
          Have a look at some updates by going to the link below:


          Kindest regards,


  5. Hi PaulM. Thanks for the information but iam of the view that instead of asking for $20 from us, let them deduct it from our recoveries.
    Buyuni Moses

    • Hi, Buyuni,
      This is another scheme all on its own tagging on D9Clube.

      If they get 1,000 people to send $20.00 btc then they have $20,000 in btc.

      Now do the math exponentially. 10,000 100,000 999,000 1,000,000

      Try to communicate with them. There is no-one there.

      Non- Response completely.

      Stay in touch.


  6. Hi,how can I register my claim?

    • Hi, Fredrick,
      Go to: http://www.d9clubeclaims.com/
      Register a D9 Clube Claim. Where the 'Register' button is:
      Follow the directions.
      I did not send the $20.00 in BTC.
      I tried reaching out to them through their provided email but nothing received back so far.

      Be careful. Could just be another cash grab.

      Kindest regards,


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