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Your host and guide here at D9club Siterubix.com. This site is built on the Sterubix platform using WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate.

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D9 was a very sophisticated scam.

It was a scam that netted the ones at the top hundreds of millions of dollars. They are still “Wanted.”

Arbitrage Sports Betting:

Sports Arbitrage Guide 01 – Meet Tim Trader

You might have heard it be called sure betting, scalping, risk-free betting, arbs, or maybe even something else entirely. But they are all the same thing and now you will have a little more clear idea of what sports arbitrage is and how profits can be made from it.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 02 – The Myths & Cons

Professional sports arbitrage trading can be a great way to make money but it’s not always as easy or as fun as some people will have you believe. You need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you jump in blindly.

D9Clube members were told that their team of highly specialized D9 Club Traders will be doing the trading for them…Not!

Sports Arbitrage Guide 03 – The Money

In part three of the sports arbitrage betting tips series, Trader Tim talks about the MONEY.  He discusses how much money you will need, how much money you could make, tax information, and more. Basically, you get all the answers to your questions about the “money side” of sports arbitrage, which is obviously a very important topic.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 04 – The Calculations

In this video you will learn about the calculations and formulas used by sports arbitrage traders and how to apply them:

  • Calculate the implied probabilities of all possible market outcomes
  • Calculate the sum of the probabilities of all market outcomes
  • Divide the implied probability of each individual outcome by the sum of all probabilities

Note: Probabilities must be less than 100.


Sports Arbitrage Guide 05 – The Bookmakers

“love em or hate em…you gotta use em.” Yes, the Bookmakers. You’ll need at least 30, maybe even 100. Pinnacle Sports has emerged as one of the most popular online bookmakers providing savvy Arbitrageurs what they need.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 06 – The Bonuses

Online Bookmakers offer Free Bets and Bonuses for your business in the hopes that you will lose. In this video learn how to find an ‘even trade’ and walk away with their ‘Free Bets,’ ‘Bonuses’ and ‘Lost Leaders.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 07 – Newbie Errors

The Seven Biggest Mistakes novice traders make and how to avoid them.

After D9 there was MCC and Weisling.

They too were a money game in the vertical of HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs) using Bitcoin as the medium of exchange.

High Yield Investment programs require some intelligence and know-how if you want to participate in them, especially in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

Remember that Cryptocurrency is hard to trace right now. In order to be successful in these schemes, you have to know when to get in and when to get out.


The Wealthy Affiliate Community – My Tribe

As of 2022, Premium membership is about $500.00 per year.

Premium Plus Membership is available for those that want advanced keyword research and enhanced membership perks. It is worth it if you use it. It will run you $1,000.00 per year.

Are You In Nigeria?


If you are from Nigeria and want to access to the 2, 10 free courses offered in the Free Starter Kit to see if this educational platform is for you, you can. It will however be limited and you will have to close some pop-ups when they appear.

You will not be able to participate or interact as you would in our regular membership classes here. You will also not be able to input/output with the modules and the community.

The takeaway however from being on this site is that you can preview the 2 free courses and actually work through them step by step and make notes with pencil and paper.

Kyle Loudoun will be your instructor in class and he will explain as you go along with him, what the program is, how it got started, where it is going, and most importantly where it can take you.

If your long-term goals are to own, operate and develop your own real estate online, then you should want to feel comfortable first about paying $49.00 per month to get started and then $499.00 per year to keep going. Domain names are around $15.00 per year and include Hosting.

[All Prices are in USD and do not include applicable taxes – PayPal and credit cards accepted].

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Jaaxy Search Tool

Jaaxy Comparison & Upgrade

Using Jaaxy Like A Boss – Video

Jaaxy Affiliate Link

Everything that you will need comes in two packages and it is free to get started.

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Do Not Take Life Too Seriously…

No one gets out alive.

The Right Path is sometimes the one…

Not taken by others…and above all do not be afraid of opportunity.

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Your host and guide, Paul Mindra.
(oh, that’s me with my son on his first birthday many, many years ago.)

Peace, Love, and Light.




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  1. Kaari

    Thanx Paul
    I need more info on D9
    I would like to invest like kshs 2 million
    Your take?

    • admin

      Hi, Kaari.
      Thank you for your comment.

      You would only require about 213,000 Kshs to set up each account.
      100% of that would have to be in Bitcoin. So, approximately 0.54 Btc.

      If however, you joined under someone that is already a member with back office money (points),
      only half of the $2050.00 USD would be required in Bitcoin and the remaining have could be converted by your sponsor in points.

      Yes, seems complicated.

      I am in Canada.

      What part of the World are you in?

      Depending where you are, I can connect you with someone already there.

      Let me know.

      Kindest regards,


  2. Niwagila

    Log in fail

    • admin

      Email me directly at

      Tell me what your challenges are and I will try to help.


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