Is The D9 Project Sustainable?

Sustainability & Viability

A question that many of us will have is “How can this D9 program maintain such payouts and still be around a few years from now?”

The answer lies in “Arbitrage Betting,” or more precisely, “Arbitrage Trading.”

Arbitrage Trading is the only way to make constant profits from “Sports Betting.” You don’t even need to have an interest in sports or betting to take advantage of an Arbitrage Bet. Arbitrage is a trading technique that uses the difference in the price (odds) to make instant profit. It has been used for a very long time in financial markets, which can be difficult for non-professionals to access.

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Unlike other MLM and Networking programs that rely solely on the recruitment of new members to pay the previous members (Read About Charles Ponzi Here), the D9 Club has a team of “Traders” including the Owner and CEO, that specialize in Arbitrage Sports Trading.

Let’s have a look at a Gold Plus package ($1996.00) that belongs to an Affiliate that does not participate in the Recruiting aspect of the D9 Compensation and Program.

The cost of the Gold Plus Package is $1996.00.

The Maximum Direct Referral Bonus paid out to the Affiliate that sold the package is $170.00 (50% of the 340 points).

The maximum payable in Binary Commissions would be $408.00 (40% of 340 points X 6 levels deep divided by 2 legs = $136.00 X 6 = $816.00 divided by 2 legs = $408.00).

The Indirect Referral Bonus paid out on six levels is $58.00.

This would leave a balance of $1360.00 for the D9 Traders to generate the $170.00 weekly required to pay the holder in due course of this Gold Plus Package for 52 weeks.

Arbitrage Sports Trading is a seven day per week platform. This would mean that the traders are required to generate $24.28 per day using the $1360.00 to sustain this 1 particular package. If we were to divide the amount required ($24.28) by the amount available ($1360.00), we would see that the Traders need to generate an ROI (Return on Investment) of only 1.8% per day.

1.8% per day ROI in the hands of a Competent Trader is very reasonable. Would you not agree?

The D9 program not only seems Viable, it also seems to be completely Sustainable. 






Sports Arbitrage – Video Guide

Meet Trader Tim

Sports Arbitrage Trading Explained

Sports Arbitrage Trading (Betting) can be regarded as one of the hottest source of income on the Internet. Put simply, sports arbitrage betting is the action of betting on both sides of a game at different sports books to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome of the game.

Put more simply, by backing all competing sides of a sporting event at different bookmakers using the highest odds available, the team of specialised D9 Traders set up probability situations where each outcome will result in winnings greater than the total amounts wagered. This possibility arises from a difference in opinion about the fair odds of the event by bookmakers, and one bookmaker has given the favorite higher than usual odds, while the other bookmakers have given the underdog higher than usual odds. Individually neither bookmaker will make a loss, however if you take the combination of the two or more higher than usual odds, it may be possible to bet on all outcomes so that no matter who wins the sports event, D9 Club member winnings will cover all bets completely and return a profit.

-Source www.arbets.com


Watch The Videos Below and Meet Tim Trader

Sports Arbitrage Guide 01 – Meet Tim Trader

You might have heard it be called surebetting, scalping, risk free betting, arbs, or maybe even something else entirely. But they are all the same thing and now you will have a little more clear idea of what sports arbitrage is and how profits can be made from it.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 02 – The Myths & Cons

Professional sports arbitrage trading can be a great way to make money but it’s not always as easy or as fun as some people will have you believe. You need to know exactly what you are getting yourself into before you jump in blindly. D9 Club members have this aspect covered for them through the team of highly specialized D9 Club Traders who will be doing the trading for them.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 03 – The Money

In part three of the sports arbitrage betting tips series, Tim Trader talks about the MONEY.  He discusses how much money you will need, how much money you could make, tax information, and more. Basically you get all the answers to your questions about the “money side” of sports arbitrage, which is obviously a very important topic.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 04 – The Calculations

In this video you will learn about the calculations and formulas used by sports arbitrage traders and how to apply them:

  • Calculate the implied probabilities of all possible market outcomes
  • Calculate the sum of the probabilities of all market outcomes
  • Divide the implied probability of each individual outcome by the sum of all probabilities

Note: Probabilities must be less than 100.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 05 – The Bookmakers

“love em or hate em…you gotta use em.” Yes, the Bookmakers. You’ll need at least 30, maybe even 100. Pinnacle Sports has emerged as one of the most popular online bookmakers providing savvy Arbitrageurs what they need. HERE IS A REVIEW.

Sports Arbitrage Guide 06 – The Bonuses

Online Bookmakers offer Free Bets and Bonuses for your business in the hopes that you will lose. In this video learn how to find an ‘even trade’ and walk away with their ‘Free Bets.’ ‘Bonuses’ and ‘Lost Leaders,’

Sports Arbitrage Guide 07 – Newbie Errors

The Seven Biggest Mistakes novice traders make and how to avoid them.

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Is Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin Is Not Mainstream…

Bitcoin is not mainstream, and it may never be. But I’ll tell you something…it would be ‘unwise’ to ignore it. Some $14.9 Billion worth of Bitcoins were in circulation in January, 2017, and blockchain, the technology underpinning Bitcoin, has attracted a lot of attention for its disruptive potential in banking, trading and even media. So how safe is ‘Bitcoin?’

Perhaps you’ve heard about the US dollars most recent strength as well as the torrid pace with which the stock market has set all-time records.  But guess which type of asset performed best in 2016?

That’s Right…Bitcoin.

So How Safe is Bitcoin?

In the Video below, Andreas Antonopoulos talks about bitcoin immunity and related systems at DevCore Workshop in San Mateo, California 2015. THIS IS AN EXTRACT FROM ORIGINAL VIDEOCLIP THAT CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw8W9…


Science & Technology


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How Bitcoin Mining Works

It’s Like Suduko

Andreas Antonopoulos speaking about the Bitcoin phenomenon and the Blockchain technology from the perspective of Bitcoin mining. Speech recorder at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2014. THIS IS AN EXTRACT FROM ORIGINAL VIDEOCLIP THAT CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIgjo…


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How Do I Set Up My XAPO Wallet

To set up your XAPO wallet…

begin by going to xapo.com and clicking on “Open a Xapo account”.

Link to Xapo Review at investmonitor.xyzAfter entering your information, you will be directed to your Xapo Wallet. Go to the email address that you used to create your account. There will be an email asking you to verify your email address. On the email, click the red button that says “verify email address”, where you will be redirected to the Xapo homepage and can log in by clicking the “Login” button on the top right of the page.

You have now successfully created a Xapo Wallet. Keep in mind that your Wallet is supposed to hold the bitcoins you carry for everyday needs. To save bitcoin for long-term needs, I recommend setting up a Xapo Vault or using an offline Bitcoin Storage Device.

How do you use Xapo?

With Xapo, you can buy, transact, store, manage and spend your bitcoins.
The Xapo Wallet has no delays nor geographical limitations. The only fee is for receiving an external transaction less than this specific limit and the Xapo Wallet is also linked directly to the Xapo Debit Card – the world’s first bitcoin debit card! If the Xapo Debit Card is available in your country then you can spend your bitcoins at any online or offline establishment that accepts Visa.


Can you use the funds in your other wallets with your Xapo Debit Card?

The Xapo Debit Card is exclusively a bitcoin debit card. It is connected directly with your Xapo personal wallet, which is held in bitcoin.

To use the debit card at a store, online or to withdraw cash at an ATM, make sure that you have sufficient bitcoins in your Personal BTC Wallet. To do so, you can:

  1. Send bitcoins. If you hold your bitcoins outside of Xapo, you can find your public wallet address right inside your Xapo personal wallet to transfer more bitcoin.
  2. Add funds. Top up your account in your local currency by making money transfers or bank deposits – you will find options that are available for your country by clicking on “Add funds” after you login.
  3. Transfer funds to your Personal BTC Wallet. If you already hold funds in USD, EUR or other currencies inside your Xapo account, you can convert funds directly into bitcoin by transferring them to your Xapo personal wallet.

How can you order your Xapo Debit Card.

To order your Xapo Debit Card, go to your main wallet and click on “Get Yours” on the upper left-hand side. If you cannot see this icon in your main wallet, unfortunately, we cannot issue cards in your country.

Once you click on the button, you will be taken through a sequence of steps to complete your card order. Please note that you must have sufficient funds in bitcoin in your main wallet to complete your card order – remember to check the fee schedule.

How much does it cost to send or receive a transaction?

All incoming transactions from external bitcoin addresses to Xapo, including payouts from faucets (unless they directly pay out to Xapo), will be charged a network fee if the incoming transaction is too small. In order to send or receive such small transactions, this fee is necessary to cover the transaction cost of the bitcoin network.

Xapo will always update the fee as well as minimum amount to receive from an external account without being charged here.

Please note that other fees apply for other types of transactions, such as buying bitcoins or using the Xapo Debit Card, as described in more detail in our Terms of Use, but that these fees are implemented solely for sending and receiving transactions!

How to Create an Xapo Wallet and order your Xapo Debit Card Video.

Find more answers to questions about Xapo


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Paddypower-Betfair PLC

Betfair Group plc is the world’s largest Internet betting exchange.

The company’s headquarters are located in Hammersmith in West London, England. Since 9 March 2011 Betfair has operated its betting exchange under a Gibraltar licence. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange until it merged with Paddy Power to form Paddy Power Betfair on 2 February 2016. –Source Wikipedia.

Betfair was founded in 2000 when professional gambler Andrew Black and City trader Edward Wray joined forces to pioneer the betting exchange. Betfair’s Exchange, which enables customers to bet against each other rather than a bookmaker, took the industry by storm and quickly assumed a market leading position in the UK and abroad.

Today, in addition to its betting exchange, Betfair runs a full suite of online Sports betting and Gaming products, including a Sportsbook which provides a more accessible product for recreational customers. Betfair’s innovative heritage remains and they continue to break new ground with recent product innovations including ‘Cash Out’, ‘Price Rush’ and ‘Acca Edge’.

Betfair Intro Video

Paddy Power was born in 1988 when three Irish bookmakers decided to combine their 40 shops and take on the world! Since its foundation Paddy Power has always done things differently; delivering a fun, fair and entertaining betting experience that has transformed retail and online betting.

Paddy Power is an Irish institution, one of the most recognisable consumer brands, and well known for making the occasional bit of mischief; stunts such as Niklas Bendtner’s lucky pants, Ryder Cup sky-writing and ‘Roy the Redeemer’ statue at Dover have all hit the headlines.

Read more about Paddypower Here

Paddy Power Betfair plc is one of the leading sports betting and gaming groups in the world. The business was formed from the February 2016  merger of Paddy Power plc and Betfair Group plc and is now split into four divisions:

  • Online, which boasts two of Europe’s leading online sports betting and gaming brands, Paddy Power and Betfair
  • Australia, which, under the Sportsbet brand, is the market leader in the fast-growing Australian online betting market
  • US, which combines TVG, the leading horse-racing TV and betting network in the USA, and two Betfair operations in New Jersey, an online casino and a racing exchange
  • Retail, which operates 600 Paddy Power betting shops across the UK and Ireland, employing almost 5000 people.

Learn More Here.

Sportsbet was founded in 1993 and fully acquired by Paddy Power in 2010. Sportsbet is Australia’s largest online sports betting site and currently employs over 700 staff across three locations.

Sportsbet likes to bring fun to the lives of its customers and employees and takes a unique approach to stealing the limelight; from customizing national landmarks to hijacking major sporting events! For more information about Sportsbet, including our careers site,

Please Go Here.

TVG was founded in 1999 and acquired by the Betfair Group in 2009. TVG is the largest horse-racing TV and betting network in the USA, with its two channels (TVG and TVG2) reaching approximately 40 million homes and its Tote Wagering Service being the largest legal form of online betting in the US. TVG also operates 4NJBets on behalf of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.

TVG is part of a wider Paddy Power Betfair US division, which includes an online Betfair Casino in New Jersey. In May 2016 they launched Betfair’s first US horse-racing betting exchange product in New Jersey, bringing the Exchange wagering concept to the US for the first time.

TVG is based in Los Angeles, California and employs almost 250 people.

More Information About TVG – TVG2 Here

Paddypower wants all of their customers to enjoy their gambling responsibly over a long period of time, only using discretionary funds and not putting themselves in financial distress. All of their brands and products offer a variety of responsible gambling tools to help customers stay in control and they are dedicated to funding the education, research and treatment of problem gambling in every market they operate in.

Some of their responsible gambling tools and policies include:

  • ‘Take a Break’ – pioneered by Sportsbet to encourage customers to take time out from gambling and reassess how much they are betting;
  • Deposit and Loss Limits – to allow customers to control how much they can bet;
  • Player Awareness Systems – which monitor customer betting patterns, identify when someone is developing a problem with their gambling, and prompt staff to intervene;
  • Budget calculators, summary pages and self-assessment questionnaires – to encourage awareness of how much customers are betting;
  • Public campaigns – such as the Senet Group’s ‘bad betty’ adverts during the European championships and gamble aware week; and,
  • Research and treatment – They are one of the top donors to the UK Responsible Gambling Trust in addition to other responsible gambling charities and support groups.

Underage Betting…

Paddypower uses sophisticated account verification procedures to ensure all of their online customers are 18+ and operate a strict ‘Think 21’ policy in their shops enforced by independent secret shopper checks.

For more information, visit:

Responsible Gambling Betfair Here


Responsible Gambling Paddypower Here

Additional Resources:

How Does Betfair Work?

How To Place a Bet On Betfair?

What Is A Betting Exchange?

Horse Racing Betting: In-running trading strategies for the Betfair Exchange…

10 FAQs everyone should know to explain how Betfair works.



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