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On The Subject of Me…

Hi, my name is Paul and I welcome you to my Digital Entrepreneurs site.

I am a former Professional Chef and my experience in the Hospitality Industry has spanned almost forty years.

I am a regular guy who used to have regular jobs and at one time owned and operated my own restaurant with my now ex-wife (I never re-married). I have one grown son attending University where he is pursuing his ambition in ‘Sports Medicine.’ My Son and Ex-Wife live in Calgary, Alberta.

I now live a simple lifestyle without too many distractions in a humble and quiet setting (that’s right, No Mansion, No Yacht, no Roll’s Royce and Ferrari parked in the Driveway. Sorry… (LOL), but I have been blessed with a very trusted circle of friends.

I have also been blessed with one older brother, one older sister, four nephews and one niece. Dad passed away in 2013 (may his soul rest in peace). Mom is still with us but requires some special attention that neither of us kids can any longer provide sufficiently.

The theme behind this site is to show savvy and like minded people how to make a substantial amount of money through the leverage of time and the concept of ‘Arbitrage Trading’ and how this can be accomplished passively.

More specifically, Sports Arbitrage Trading can be regarded as one of the hottest source of income on The Internet. Put simply, Sports Arbitrage Trading is the action of wagering on both sides of a game at different Sports Books to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome of a game. Put more simply, by backing all competing sides of a sporting event at different Bookmakers using the highest odds available, the team of highly specialized D9 Traders can set up “probability situations” where each outcome will result in winnings greater than the total amounts wagered.

These probability situations arise from a difference in opinion about the fair odds of an event by bookmakers, and one bookmaker has given the favorite higher than usual odds, while the other bookmakers have given given the underdog higher than usual odds. Individually neither bookmaker will incur a loss. However, if you take the combination of the two or more higher than usual odds, it is possible to wager on all outcomes so that no matter who wins the sports event, D9 Club member winnings will cover all bets completely and return a profit.

Unfortunately, Arbitrage Sports Trading is not as easy as it seems. For that reason, the D9 Club offers its members the ability to participate in Arbitrage Sports Trading passively. The dedicated team of Arbitrage Traders at D9 Club do all the trading on behalf of their D9 members. You will learn more about this as you go deeper into this site.

The best place to start on this site is to get to know a little bit more about me and why I am here. From there you can go in which ever direction you like. Make notes and feel free to leave comments and questions on the various pages or contact me direct: paulmindra@gmail.com

I’ll see you on the inside, and hope that you find the content and opportunities contained within not only helpful but also useful. I look forward to learning, sharing and serving with you as we all move forward here.

To continued success,


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  1. hi paul,
    How do I withdraw the weekly amounts, the ones with the USD 1000 limit per week? What’s the process of withdrawal?

    • Hi Allan.
      Very good question and hopefully many others can learn from this.

      In your D9.2 Back office, under ‘My Extract’ you will see 4 balances.

      1./ D9 Balance
      2./ VIP Balance
      3./ VIP B Balance and
      4./ D9B Balance

      The D9 Balance is the only one you can withdraw from.
      If you have more than $300.00 in your D9 balance, you can withdraw.
      Let’s say you have $1,150.00 in your D9 Balance.

      In order to withdraw you must have Your “My Data’ back office set-up, which means that you
      must have a bitcoin account and must have entered your Bitcoin ‘Receive code’ entered into your
      ‘My Bank’ section of ‘My Data.’

      If that is complete, then on monday you will go to your back office and click on ‘Withdrawal.’
      Because you have more than $300.00 you can make a withdrawal of maximum $1000.00. This transaction
      is going to cost you 5% to D9.2 and anywhere from $5.00 to $30.00 to expedite the transaction.

      I wish I could place screenshots on the comments section here to make it more clear but I cannot.

      The equivalent of $1000.00 will be sent to your bitcoin account and the arrival time will depend on how much more you have paid above $5.00.
      If you are unsure about what to do, email me:
      paulmindra@gmail.com and I can give you actual ‘screenshots.’

      Hope this helps, Allan.
      Everyone that is still with D9 or chosing to proceed with D9.2 need to learn what is required.
      The procedures are complicated and even I am still learning.

      Kindest regards,


  2. Am new
    I would like to start investing in D9
    I want to have like 3 accounts of kshs 1 million each
    Kindly advice

    • Hi, again, Rosemary.

      I have replied to you on a personal level.

      Please do some homework before just ‘jumping in.’

      3 million kshs is almost $30,000.00 Usd.

      Please be careful.

      Kindest regards.


  3. Hi paul,
    need assistance, my back office needs to accept aggreement before I Can start transactions, pls.s can you notify me of the new platform and access of the affiliate

    • Hi Benedict.

      I sent some information to the email provided.

      Let me know if it helps.

      Kindest regards,

    • Hi, Oniluv.

      Wait until next week so that we know fully what the changes and updates are.

      Kindest Regards.


  4. hi. just saw your website and trying my luck if you could help me with my inquiry. i saw the d9 website changed into something like a youtube video and some kind of countdown. what happened and is there some kind of upgrading going on with d9? in what ways and aspects? by the way i couldnt log in and there seems to be no log in at the moment. thank you for your assistance.

    • Hi Nina.
      Your guesses are as good as mine.
      I really do not know what is going on. But stay in touch if we can figure it out.

      Kindest regards,


    • Do you want to get started with me or how to get started in general.
      I can assist with both.
      Let me know.


  5. Hi,
    I tried to login but my identity can’t be recognized. I wanted to know whether in the last two weeks I have been a member I have got any compensation on my account.

    • Check with your Team D9 upline.
      They should be able to help.



    • Hi, Loboso.

      Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

      Your question is: ‘How does this work?’

      It works like this explained.

      What is this?
      The D9 Clube of entrepreneurs working on making lives better for others.
      True correspondence is only available in Portuguese or Spanish.

      Here me out here…Their site (which is basically Crap) should not be confused with mine.

      Is the D9 Clube program a ‘Scam?’

      I’m not sure if you are depending on the future returns $6241.00 over 52 weeks, or you are ok because you got back your 2050 investment.

      Most unjust investors that I know, will ‘Jump Back In.’ Then the ask me why they suffered losses of 100K plus.

      Start a thread here guys or ask me to start a ‘Blog.’

      I am as confused as you. Too many questions not answered. Too many Millions involved.

      Please let me know your thoughts on D9.

      This program could actually be sound…but it seems that administration is incompetent so far. Not only that,
      I need to see first hand that D9 is and are using my money to trade in the ‘Sports Trading Market.’

      Hey guys…I reach out to the World. Somebody send me ‘proof’ that D9 is Trading.

      Please…someone from Bahia, Brazil…please go and check out their offices and reposrt back.

      I can only help if you help me back.

      Kindest Regards,


    • Hi, Anthony.
      Your email is not recognized where?
      Please elaborate a little further so that I can assist.
      Thank you.

        • Hi, Anthony.
          Are you trying to login to your D9clube.com account as an existing member of the D9 Clube?
          If so, and you have misplaced your login and password, you can try reaching out to the person that
          signed you up into the program.
          If you know your ‘login’ or ‘username’ you can also click on the ‘Forgot my password’ option if you
          are unsure of your password.

          Let me know how you make out.


  6. Hi Paul ! Writing from Tanzania East Africa
    I need your help in the following issues!
    1. How do you pay to D9
    2. If is by bitcoin , which trustiful site you buy the bitcoins at cheap price

    • Hi, Sunshine from Tanzania,

      I am always here to assist (help).

      Your major question is “How do you pay to D9”
      Guess what…They do not have a protocol in place as of yet.
      Visit my information site to learn more: http://www.d9club.siterubix.com
      hopefully something will come accross,

    • Hi, I did not hear back from you.
      Is your upline helping you to accomplish what you desire?
      Your upline can get you started internally through the use of D9 Club points.
      Outside of that, I would first recommend http://www.blockchain.info to establish your bitcoin account.
      With you being in Tanzania, things may be different. I think that you have something called ‘BitPesa’ to accomplish the same.
      Blockchain.info is easy. The rest are not as easy.
      Please let me know how you make out.
      Kindest Regards,

    • Hello, Jofe.
      Thank you for registering to this site.
      How may I be of service to you?


    • Hi, Jose.
      I trust that things are going well for you in the D9 Club.
      I trust and value that we have been corresponding through direct email.
      We have had some very nice conversations since. As you know, I do not understand Spanish and you do not understand English.
      However, through the power of Google, we have had a very good relationship.
      Write back on the site to let people know the power of what is available to them.
      Kindest Regards always,
      Hola Jose.
      Confío en que las cosas te vayan bien en el Club D9.
      Confío y valoro que hemos estado correspondiendo a través de correo electrónico directo.
      Hemos tenido algunas conversaciones muy bonitas desde entonces. Como sabes, no entiendo español y no entiendes inglés.
      Sin embargo, a través del poder de Google, hemos tenido una relación muy buena.
      Escriba de nuevo en el sitio para que la gente sepa el poder de lo que está disponible para ellos.
      Saludos cordiales siempre,

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