The History And Future Of Money

What is Money?

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Mar 6, 2017 – M1 – This category of money includes all physical denominations of coins and currency, demand deposits, which are checking accounts and NOW accounts, and travelers’ checks. This category of money is the narrowest of the three and can be better visualized as the money used to make payments.

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If there were no money, we would be reduced to a barter economy. Every item someone wanted to purchase would have to be exchanged for something that …

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Money is primarily a medium of exchange or means of exchange. … Ideal money has three critical characteristics: it acts as a medium of exchange; it is an economic good; and it is a means of economic calculation. … To properly understand money as a medium of exchange one must first go …

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Feb 28, 2015 – These should be two of the easiest questions to answer in economics; after all, moneyis the one thing that we all use in an economy—surely …

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Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a particular country or socio-economic context, or is easily converted to such a form.

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Definition of money: Anything of value that serves as a (1) generally accepted medium of financial exchange, (2) legal tender for repayment of debt, (3) standard …

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Before we can say what money is, it’s helpful to understand first why money even exists. To answer that question, and really begin to understand money and the …

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Feb 18, 2016 – Question: What Is Money? Answer: The Economics Glossary defines money as:Money is a good that acts as a medium of exchange in …

What is Money? – The Money Project


Dec 11, 2015 – At first glance, the modern concept behind money seems fairly simple. Money, one could say, is a rather ingenious way of capturing and storing …

What is money? – European Central Bank


Nov 24, 2015 – Euro banknotes and coins are money but so is the balance on a bank account. What actually is money? How is it created and what is the ECB’s …

What Is The History Of Money?

The History Of Money: From Barter To Banknotes | Investopedia


Dec 29, 2015 – Money, in and of itself, is nothing. It can be a shell, a metal coin, or a piece of paper with a historic image on it, but the value that people place …

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The history of money concerns the development of means of carrying out transactions involving a medium of exchange. Money is any clearly identifiable object of value that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts within a market or which is legal tender within a country.

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Cattle, which throughout history and across the globe have included not only cows but also sheep, camels, and other livestock, are the first and oldest form of money. With the advent of agriculture also came the use of grain and other vegetable or plant products as a standard form of barter in many cultures.
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The history of money: from barter to bitcoin – Telegraph

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Oct 20, 2014 – Money has been a part of human history for almost 3000 years. From the origins of bartering to modern money, this is how the system has …



HISTORY OF MONEY including Better than barter, Safe in the temple, The first mint, Bronze coins in China, Greek and Roman financiers, Origins of today’s …

Origin and Evolution of Money – Banco Central do Brasil


 … Banknotes and coins »; Money Museum »; History of money »; Origin and Evolution of Money … Money, as we know it today, is the result of a long process.

The History of Currency – FXCM

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The history of currency starts with the exchanging goods and services, and it has a … The use of currency is intertwined with the history of money, which by its …

8 Things You May Not Know About Money – History Lists


Nov 27, 2012 – From China’s “flying money” to Siberian “soft gold,” here are eight things you may not know about the history of money.

A Brief History of Money – IEEE Spectrum


May 30, 2012 – In fact, though, money has never been that simple. And while its uses and meanings have shifted and evolved throughout history, the fact that it …

When did money begin to be used in ancient times? – Ancient History …


Different Kinds of Money: Sometimes, it was hard for people to put a barter price on things. Instead of barter, people began to use money as a form of payment.

What is the Future of Money?

What is the future of money? | World Economic Forum


Nov 26, 2015 – The participants then agree to keep the money flowing so that they can work for the society instead of the money ending up passively in their pocket. These types of currencies exist all over the world. In Kenya, for instance, microentrepreneurs created a new currency called Banglapesa.

Future of money: What currencies will look like in 25 years – CNBC.com


Apr 24, 2014 – That’s the consensus among a group of currency experts who spoke with CNBC about the future of money as part of the CNBC 25 special …

Neha Narula: The future of money | TED Talk | TED.com

Sep 12, 2016

What happens when the way we buy, sell and pay for things changes, perhaps even removing the need for …

A Special Report on the Future of Money – IEEE Spectrum


The Last Days of Cash: How e-money technology is plugging us into the digital economy. … Author David Wolman glimpses the all-digital economic future.

The Future Of Money | Popular Science


Dec 22, 2015 – The only true disruption to money that we’ve seen in the Internet age came not from a Palo Alto garage but a list-serv for tech-savvy libertarians.
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The Future Of Money – Forbes


Nov 8, 2014 – Digital currency represents a decentralized form of money that is more secure, more fungible and more functional than anything we’ve seen …

Future of Money: Classifying Virtual Currency Systems | Big Think


By Aaron Smith Since the beginning of the digital age, pundits have hailed virtual currencies as thefuture of our civilization’s money. While it may be difficult to …

What Will Money Look Like in the Future? – ThoughtCo

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Feb 15, 2017 – As more and more people rely on electronic transactions rather than tangible forms of money, many are left to ponder the future of money and …

The Future of Money | ING DIRECT: Being human in a digital world …

Dec 14, 2016

Watch this short animation on the history – and future – of money. It might help assuage you that the way currency …

 “Today’s Money vs. Bitcoin” – Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos speaking about today’s system of money versus the changes that bitcoin and blockchain technology is bringing to our civilisation. Meeting at a Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Centre in Australia. THIS IS AN EXTRACT FROM ORIGINAL VIDEOCLIP THAT CAN BE FOUND HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEih-…


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  1. Greetings Paul
    Thankyou for the informative and detailed articles you present.
    In regard to money you bring a ‘new dawn’ a perspective of progresion.
    Hope the big boys in these industry will present a seamless transaction into this new era to the developing countries, especially Africa tounted as the next frontier.

    • Hi, Nyingi.
      I hope so too. The Blockchain Technology is still in the infancy stage.
      Bitcoin has come a long way already. Unfortunately, access to it is still difficult in developing countries (or is it?).
      Here in Canada, we have bitcoin machines available in Corner Convenience Stores.

      Many businesses are accepting bitcoin as payment. There is still a long way to go.
      We’ll see.

      Kindest Regards,


  2. My earnings and other people’s still show 0 dollars. Do you know what’s going on?

    • Hi, Doralee.
      Paul Mindra here from Ontario, Canada.

      Plese read the response sent to another member in your situation. It reaches out to Patri.

      Hi, Patri.
      So does mine and so do many others’.

      Right now, I do not know what to make of this whole adventure.

      What is really surprising to me is that many people already in the system are ‘signing up’ again blindly.

      I did not. I have been told by my upline that the 2,000 points plus ‘flushed’from the system in my back office will be paid back to me in March, 2018. (Seems like a dream…but I wil wait).

      So, I will wait before making another $2049.00 package package irregardless of how wonderful the new program is.
      My biggest concern is that I do not know what the D9.2 New Wonderful Program is because they do not communicate in the
      Universal Language (English) that we are all accustomed to. (I, personally smell another ‘cash grab’ topay the old D9.1, but do not ‘quote’ me on this).

      As you know, might know, I am an Infopreneur. I purchased a package from D9Clube and that gave me the right to write about the program under laws of ‘Free Speach,’ so that I could correctly write about the program.

      You can see the events and so forth right from February 2017 here on this site when I started following the progression.

      Just becaus I have not re-entered into the program does not mean that I am going to close my site and ‘Run-Away.’

      My intentions are to keep this site open and gain more and more information each and every day that we require regarding this program moving forward.

      Patri, although your account may be showing a ‘zero’ balance, depending on when you joined or how much you earned, your previous balance may have been moved into a D9B account.

      Try the following:

      Login into your Account(s).

      From the ‘Start Page’ in your back office, goto ‘My Extract.’

      There you will see four categories of points.

      Please see if you see some points there under the D9B account.

      If there is someting in any of those accounts, I might be able to help.

      You can email me personally with the results if you like: paulmindra@gmail.com

      or we can keep the forum open publically.

      Hope this helps somewhat.

      Kindest regards,


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