• Hi, Mr. Chikezei,
      We are all having a challenge logging into our accounts.
      This company D9 Clube seems to be in ‘Shambles.’
      What good is a ‘payout’ to your ‘virtual’ account if you can not ‘extract’ it?
      We need a ‘Class Action’ suit here.

      D9 Clube seem to be thieves.

      Leave your comments.


    • Hi, Bethea.
      D9Clube.2 relaunched in the first week of August with a new platform and direction.
      Get in touch with your upline and see if they can provide you with the details.



    • Access to the D9Clube website is not available right now.

      Just be patient.

      Kindest Regards,


        • Hi, Josephine.

          Email me at paulmindra@gmail.com and I will try to assist.
          But please remember, I am not the official D9 Clube. I am merely an information provider.

          Kindest regards,


        • Hi, Laurie.

          This seems to be a large problem for many people.

          Please remember that the ‘Password’ is ‘Case sensitive.’

          Many people have overcome their challenge by remembering if they used a ‘Capital’ instead of lower case, etc.
          Try the different options. You may get lucky.

          Hope this helps.


  1. Yes Sir,thanks in advance for your assistance. Please another question,D9 clube office now is in changes operation to update its system,is this updates to our benefits or loss?,and how about security of our e money which are already previously stored to our accounts?,will i able to withdraw on 1st August?,and which quickly system is it able to withdraw .I’m from Tanzania,help me please!

    • We will have to wait until Tuesday to see what the complete changes are.

      Try to be patient. I know it is difficult.


      • Hi, James.

        Could you be a bit more clear?

        You are trying to ‘Login’ with no access to where?

        If it is your back office at D9 clube,
        then go to


        Enter your Login (Username)
        Enter your password and
        Check the box marked ‘I am Not a Robot.’

        Wait a few seconds and follow the instructions of the ‘Captcha’ page.

        When completed properly, click on ‘Entrar.’

        It will take you into your D9 Clube back office.

        E-mail me if you need ‘Step by Step’ with pictures.


        Kindest regards,


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