• Hi, Tabu.
      None of us are able to access our accounts.

      It seems that this program is now completely finished.

      Thank you for stopping by to say hello and expressing your comment.

      Kindest regards,


    • Hi, Olivia.

      It is 5.44 am EST on October 4, 2017 as I write back to you. I, too do not have access to the D9 site.
      They said that things will be fine on October 05, 2017.
      I think that we have to wait and see.

      If we do not get access, then I think that a ‘Class Action’ should be launched. Is there anyone out there that knows how to do this?

      Kindest regards,


      • Zero.
        This looks like it is done and we have been completely scammed.
        Almost 720 Million USD from what I understand. Where did this money go?

        Any insight that you share would be valued.

        Kindest regards,


      • Is it true that accounts will start operating 15th October or the clube sealed it off

        • Hi, Innocent.

          Where did you learn that accounts will start operating on the 15th. We were all under the impression that it was October 5th.
          When most of us tried to access our accounts on the 5th, we could not. The website has been completely non-accessible since then.

          I think this program is finished and our money and bitcoin are lost to thieves.

          Let meknow if you hear of anything positive.

          Kindest regards,


      • Hi, Namonyo.
        I think this is ‘wishful thinking’ but if you have any details or confirmations, please post them here.

        Kindest regards,


        • Am really devastated after registering for gold + on 22 August and up to now have not accessed any money ,it seems my money is gone

          • Hi, again Asiku.
            We are all totally devastated and yes, I think that all of our money is gone.
            You can read one of my articles here regarding how we were ‘scammed’ into continuing with the program.

            I personally did not continue, but still over $2K was ‘washed’ through their scheme.

            This is wrong.

            Kindest regards,


      • Hi, Olivia.
        Right now, it doesn’t look good. I’ve concluded that we have all been shammed. Let’s hope that a miracle will happen.

        Thank you for coming by to say hello.
        Stay in touch. Subscribe here at http://d9club.siterubix.com/membership-join if you haven’t already done so.

        Kindest regards,

    • I don’t know either. I tried to log in but nothing happen. Site can not be access. This is the second time that they did. First was the month of June 2017 and all our money is gone. They said they are fixing the system but when the system is back money is gone. They want us to renew in order to get started with the business. But if we will not renew we will be paid next year March 2018. I’m praying and hoping that we will get our money back.
      Yours Hilda

      • Hi, Hilda.
        Thank you for providing your comment.
        Let me see if I can straighten some of your words so they are more easily understood for everyone else here including myself.

        You wrote on:
        2017/10/20 at 2:35 am

        “I tried to login but nothing happens. The site cannot be accessed.”
        This is the second time that this has happened. The first was during the month of June 2017. Back in June it seemed that our money was still there. They said that they are fixing the system but when the system came back up it showed that all of our activity from D9.1 was ‘washed’ and now they want us to renew in order to get started again with the business.
        But, if we do not renew, we will be paid our ‘washed,’ ‘Held,’ and ‘Pending’ transactions in March of 2018 at the D9 Clube third year anniversary.

        you further wrote:
        “I’m praying and hoping that we will get our money back.”

        I have had many restless and sleepless nights thinking for a solution.
        I cannot come up with a viable one.

        I think that I stated on my site somewhere that if D9Clube can show any evidence of ‘Sports Trading,’ then the mistake has been made by the authorities that are closing in.

        “Evidence of ‘Sports Trading’ could allow Santana to re-open his doors although beit in caution.

        Then all he has to do is what he promised to do in the first place…Make Profits in his specialized field of ‘Sports Trading’ using our money. Without evidence of Trading…in my opinion…D9 is finished.

        Let’s everyone try to move on.

    • Hi, Liz.
      Unfortunately, I know as little as you.

      There is zero communication from D9 Clube.

      I’ll try to keep updated but it is very frustrating right now.

      Kindest regards,


      • Hi, Asiku.
        I’ve heard of some ‘Class Action’ Suits within this industry. Zeek Rewards, Herbalife and probably a few more. Do you think that anyone can get their money back? I would not know how or where to start a class action. I’m sure someone will though. My suggestion is that we stay together.
        Subscribe to this site so that we can remain at least in touch.


        Stay in touch.


  1. My names Stephen Kagwa Matungwa,my account username kagwa,i was regestered on 4/10/2017 as Gold+ it has beome that my account is reading zero yet i expected to have some balance, kindly let me know.

    • Hi, Stephen.

      This is becoming very frustrating for me.

      If in your back office, yu are showing zero’s, but are showing a balance in D9B Balance, there is some hope to move forward.
      Please do not quote me on this, but things can be done by your upline. If however, you upline is ‘incompetent.’ then what else can be done?

      Feel free to converse more.

      We all need to get to the bottom of this nonsense and leave with a certain amount of clarity.

      Kindest regards,


  2. I’m D9 member all my money is gone and I’m wondering what is happening? Do you have this problem?

    • Hi, Jackie.
      I think that most of us are having this problem. My back office also shoews ‘zeros.’

      This is not right.

      As you know, I am not the ‘official’ D9 site and you know what?

      I am having challenges getting information from the ‘Top Leaders’ because they are not responding.

      Please come back to the site or even subscribe so I can keep you informed.

      I do not want any ‘alarm’ Bells to go off as of yet because I do not know what is going on. Everything is very confusing.

      Share any information that you may come across, here.

      Kindest regards,


  3. Hi paul
    Is there any recent updates on the new platform. so that we can start accessing the system

    • Hi Benedict.
      No recent updates as of yet.
      We are all waiting to hear and see what is to become.
      Very frustrating.

      Will keep you posted.


  4. Hi i lost ma phone a week ago n i didnt back up my info. How can i retrive all the stuffs to my new device.

    • Hi, Ian.
      I am not a technical specialist.
      If you can get into your D9 back office then you can reset the Google authenticator.

      If you cannot because the Authenticator was on the lost phone, then, the only thing I can guggest is to try to login using a different browser. ‘Safari’ for example.

      Sorry, I could not be of more help.

      Kindest regards,


  5. hello.. please am finding it difficult to access my account, i keep seeing a you tube video, thanks.

    • Hi, Cyn.

      Even I cannot access my account. I do not know what is going on.
      If you speak/understand Portuguese…perhaps yo can translate for all of us here.

      Kindest regards,


      • 🙄🙄🙄🙄they told us but we beleive in Danilo!!!!
        Read this…… The National Bank of Rwanda, the equivalent of the Central Bank of Kenya, recently warned financial institutions operating in the country that D9 Club was an “illegal pyramid scheme”.

        “It has come to the attention of the National Bank of Rwanda that an organisation known as D9 Club which uses internet chain recruitment with the characteristics of a pyramid scheme is extending its operations in the region, especially in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia,” wrote Governor John Rwangombwa to all banks in his country.

        The Governor further instructed banks to put strict measures in place to stop transfer of funds to accounts affiliated to D9 Club operators.

        In Uganda, Equity Bank has frozen all accounts associated with D9 Club and its main promoters.

        In Tanzania, the same bank has taken a step further. Through an internal memo, the human resource instructed all its staff enrolled in D9 Club to “immediately withdraw from such illegal schemes.”

        A 2009 government inquiry found that about 270 pyramid schemes took Sh8.1 billion from 121,205 Kenyans in the preceding year. This trend has however not been checked and as more internet cons continue to take hold, more people will lose money.

        Additional reporting by Business Daily

        • Hi, Cathna.

          I read this too on the Internet. I have no way of verifying if it is true or not.
          I am told that things will move forward once again starting next Tuesday.
          Let’s wait and see what happens.

          Kindest regards,

      • Salve vorrei sapere se per passare i soldi da d9 clube a spectrocoin devo fare solo la richiesta di prelievo il lunedì. Ho fatto la prima richiesta lunedì 1 luglio ma ad oggi i soldi non sono ancora arrivati. Èpossibile che si debba inviare una copia del document di identità a a d9 clube? Grazie mille

        • Hi, Francesca
          Here is the best translation to your comment that I could come up with through Google Translate:

          Hi I would like to know if to spend the money from d9 clube to spectrocoin I have to only make the request to withdraw on Monday. I made the first request on Monday, July 1, but money has not yet arrived yet. Can you send a copy of the identity document to d9 clube? Thanks so much.

          Wholly smokes, guys…I’m almost done with this and my site.

          What the ‘F#$%’ is ‘Spectrocoin?’

          I really have very little patience and health left to continue this with you.

          Too much ‘nonsense’ and ‘misunderstanding.’

          Too much work for an old man like me.

          Kindest regards,


  6. Hi Paul,
    I’m a D9 member. Of late we cannot access our accounts. I just wanted to know if we’ll still have money in the accounts and if today’s payment will be processed. I have never withdrawn from from the account and was planning to do it today.

    • Hi, Ivan.

      Your guess is as good as mine.

      I have no idea what these people are doing.

      Stay in touch though.

      Kindest regards,


    • Hi Regina,
      I, too cannot access my account.

      All we can do right now is wait and see what they do.

      Kindest regards,


      • We can’t get our money anymore . We were told the system is being upgraded it’s been more than a month still no money till when do have to wait there is rumours that d9. Has collapsed

        • Hi, Pauline..

          The rumours are immense. Your guess is as good as mine.
          Let’s see what the countdown holds. Probably going to be false promises. I hope not.

          I do not like these guys in ‘shiny’ silk suits with ticker tape results. I think I have been ‘shammed.’

          Let’s see,

          Kindest regards,


  7. Hello am a D9 member am not able to log in to my D9 account to check on my account balance. i want to boost my account to Gold Plus.
    i have been trying but i only get the You Tube Video which i dont understand.

    kindly advice .

  8. Hi the process of how to withdraw from d9 website.
    after knowing the process it will make the club more stronger

    • Hi, Erastus.
      I agree with you. Streamlining the process will make things much better.


  9. Admin, I was subscribed as a gold plus trader 2 weeks ago and I cant see reflection of that on my Extract. Even on my account nothing is seen. Kindly advice.

    • Hi, Mwangi.
      Being ‘subscribed’ or ‘registered’ is different from being actively ‘Activated’ under your upline.

      Did you pay the $2049.00 USD? If not, then how can you be earning the $170.00 per week?

      Hope this helps.


      • Thank you Admin for your correspondence. Sorry for using wrong terms. Let me say express myself again. I registered and d9 confirmed that. Secondly I paid the full amount and told that I have been activated. However the status of my account till now reads zero. This is my concern.

        • Hi, Mwangi.
          Thank you for making things clearer.
          Which package did you purchase and how did you make your payment?
          Also, let me know how recent the payment was sent.

          You can also try the following:

          Copy and paste the Poruguese version of the following message below and send to suporte@d9clube.com

          Dear d9 Clube Support.
          My username is:
          My email is:
          I registered and d9 confirmed that. Secondly I paid the full amount and was told that I have been activated. However the status of my account till now reads zero.
          Could you please look into this for me.
          Thank you.

          Don’t forget to include your username and email.

          Caro suporte do d9 Clube.
          Meu nome de usuário é:
          Meu email é:
          Registrei e d9 confirmou isso. Em segundo lugar, paguei o montante total e foi informado de que fui ativado. No entanto, o status da minha conta até agora lê zero.
          Você poderia analisar isso por mim.

          Hope this helps.


          • Admin thank you for your very helpful reply. I purchased Gold Plus. I paid through one of the leaders who had VIP points. I gave him all the money to do the purchase and activation. He said he has done so on Tue 27th June. Hope I have made my situation well understood.

          • Hi, Mwangi.
            Thank you.

            Now things are clearer.

            If things were done correctly, using an up line back office activation through points is an instant process.
            Here, in Canada, we use 50% ‘Standard’ points and 50% ‘VIP’ points.

            You should have been activated as a Gold Plus member on Tuesday June 27th in good standing.

            Since then, you should have received one payment of $170.00 on July 3rd and then another on July 10th into your back office.

            If this is not the case, then something is wrong.

            Do you have access to your D9 account?

            What does it show?

            If it shows a minimum of $340.00 things are OK and I can walk you through how to convert from
            ‘Standard’ to ‘VIP’ and then into cash.

            Make sure your leader did not make a mistake in your set-up. Mistakes happen.
            Just back-track to when you first registered and walk it forward from there.

            I hope this is helpful.

            Kindest regards,


      • Admin, I think there is a problem somewhere. I have not received any payment into my back office. Yes I have access to my d9 account and it is showing zero till now.

        • Does it show that your status is as a ‘Gold Plus’ member?

          If it does not, then your upline made a mistake by taking your money and not activating you.

          I have seen this happen before for both ‘honest’ mistake and ‘bad’ reasons.

          Let me know.


          • Admin, The status shows nothing. He is however blaming the system, he says he did what he was supposed to do.

          • Be patient.
            Let’s see what happens.
            It looks like D9 is in an update mode.

            Best regards,


        • Hey meantime
          I withdrew on 4th and 11th of September,never received any payment,when I logged in on 2nd October I had 340 points.how can I receive my payment

          • Hi, Judy.
            Thank you for your reply to Mwangi. I will approve and post your comment.

            I know of many that made requests on the 4th and 11th. These requests were not honoured. Now we cannot even reach the sight.
            I think that we have all been ‘scammed.’

            Regardless of what is happening at the official D9 Clube, I am going to keep my information site open. I encourage those who have been ‘harmed’ by D9 Clube to subscribe to this site (Subscription is free). This way we can remain together as a ‘damaged’ community so that if any recourse is available, we can act together.

            Thank you for your comment.


  10. Hi big Boss. My downline is having the same issue of authentification od password. I mean he lost his hand set and he could not log in to his back office. What will h do to rectify that because, he wants to register another two people on gold plus. Pls help me out sir

    • Hi, Akinshola.
      I’m not sure how I can help if you cannot get into the back office.
      Regarding the authenticator, for those that have issues, as long as you can get
      to the back office, it can be reset.
      Go to ‘Safety’ and then ‘Reset’ the auhenticator by ‘turning it off.’

      Hope this helps.


  11. Hallo admin, I have not accessed my logins for two months now. Every time I enter and validate the Google Authenticator tokens, the answer I get is ‘Invalid token, please try again’.
    Where am I going wrong, what should I do?
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Macharia.
      This site is not the official D9Clube site.
      This site is for information only.
      Try doing the following. Copy and Paste the following message below (Your concern translated into Portuguese)
      and send it to Support at D9 Clube.

      Their support email is: pagamentos@d9clube.com

      Olá, admin.
      Não tenho acesso aos meus logins há dois meses agora. Toda vez que eu entrar e validar os tokens do Google Authenticator, a resposta que recebo é ‘token inválido, tente novamente’.
      Onde eu vou errar, o que devo fazer?

      Unfortunately, anything sent to the official D9Clube only gets response if sent in their language. (Really makes no sense).
      Try it and let me know.


    • If you have ‘specific’ questions I will be glad to offer assistance.

      Best regards,


  12. Hi , sorry I have changed the phone, so My Google authenticator has left to previous phone, so how can I move it into my new phone. Please help

    • I honestly do not know how I can help with your phone issue.
      Perhaps someone else visiting this site can help.

      • Mr.addimn my name is Nuru try to help me.I want to know how about d9 clube in Tanzania we have a problem in withdrawal in d9 accont

        • Hi, Nuru.

          It is not only Tanzania. It is Worldwide. Everyone is having troble accessing their accounts.

          I do not understand the ‘Latin’ languages. I am awaiting a translation. Then I will post and send out as much information as I can. Let us not panic right now. Let us find out the facts.

          Thank you for your comment.


  13. Hi brother
    I have the login problem in my account due to the phone lost .
    I tried several times to login my account but its fails due to lack of bar for google authenticator reregistration
    Please help

    • Hi, Sylvestor.
      Sorry to hear that you have lost your phone.
      You obviously have your login and password. You just cannot authenticate it.
      Did you do a two-step back-up to your email?

      I really do not know how to help you here.
      The only thing that I can suggest is trying to login from a different browser.

      For example, if you were using ‘Chrome’ when you lost your phone,
      try downloading ‘Safari’ and try logging in from there.

      Let me know how you make out.


  14. Why are they asking for a Token from Google authentificator when I actually set a token with Authy? I have tried loging in with authy token and its not working. Also using a different browser does not help. Do you have an email adress where I can contact them?
    thanks in advance

    • Hi, Stephen.
      Are you a new member of the D9 clube or are you just a new member of this information site?
      Please elaborate a little further so that I can be of more service to you.

      Kindest Regards,


    • Hi,
      Could you please elaborate a little further.
      I am not quite sure what you are asking.

      Best regards,

  15. greetings to all d9 clube members my names Stephen kagwa matungwa a d9 clube member i lost a bar code authenticator its now two weeks ago, i need your comment please

    • Hi, Stephen.
      Thank you for your comment. It truly does become a problem when you cannot locate your 2 step Authenicator
      to have proper access to your D9 Clube account.

      I have a suggestion that just might help you with this. Try changing your web browser.

      For example, if you have been using google chrome, download another web browser such as ‘Safari’ and try to access
      your d9clube back office through this new browser. It has worked for a few people in my downline that somehow
      misplaced their authenicator QSR Code.

      Please let us all know if you have any measure of success with my suggestion.

      If it is successful, then I will write a new post for those that may have this similar problem
      moving forward.

      Kindest Regards,


  16. Can you join in the gold and upgrade your account into gold plus on the second day

        • Hi, Abibu.
          What account have you failed to login into?

          The one on this site is easy. Just follow the instructions if you have lost your login or password.
          It will be reset and sent to you immediately.

          If you are reaching out to say that you cannot access your D9 account, that is a different issue altogether.

          Please let me know what account you are having difficulty with so that I can assist.

          Kindest regards,


    • Hi, Belinda.
      Thank you for your interest and desire to learn more.
      A good starting point would be to subscribe to this site as a free member.
      You can do so by going here: http://d9club.siterubix.com/membership-join

      By doing so, you will have your own user name and password and more personalized access to me.
      You will first receive an automated welcome confirming your details, which will be followed by a personal
      email from me. That approach is a bit more personal and confidential regarding any
      specific questions you may have.

      If your questions, etc… are more general, you can simply continue to post in the comments
      section as you have already done.

      Just choose which option suits your needs knowing that either way, you will be responded to.

      And, thank you again for your interest.

      Kindest Regards,


    • Hi Belinda.
      I am sorry that I have taken this much time to get back to you.
      I actually thought that I already had. It shows in my back office that I had.
      You know what, Belinda,
      Does not matter.
      How can I be of service to you?
      Kindest regards,

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