1. My account, username, Nassolo1, was registered on 31st May but it shows that I recovered my investment yet I have not, will it be renewed when it shows 2046 earnings? Please i request to be replied through my email, janenassolo@gmail.com

    • Hi, Jane.
      Please remember that I am just like you…a member.
      I am not the official D9Clube. Their site is http://www.d9clube.com

      I will respond to you personally at the mail provided to see if I can help.
      Kindest regards,


  2. Hi am unable to login my account this week and wen I try I only get red allows. I wanted to know how much dollars in my account. Could there be problems

    • I am told that our back office accounts will be available on next Tuesday.

  3. I join this club in June 2017. Have to mid of this month of june 2017 had US dollars 860 and have not done any withdrawal at all. This morning of date 27th july 2017 have tried to open the account but what am getting is a you tube video and I can’t access my account. Please help. Club Member

    • Hi, Emmanuel.
      Yes this is the weekly payment on the ‘Gold’ Package.
      If you upgrade to ‘Gold Plus’ you will receive $170.00 per week.
      Hope this helps.


  4. Hallo Sir,we do not have structure for the new changes of payment made 17/July/2017 for Gold group and Extra Gold,please send us weekly payment changes.

    • Hi, Emmanuel.
      I do not yet have the structure myself.
      Please try to remember that I am a prticipant in this program just like yourself.
      I am not the actual D9 Company.

      You can try reaching them directly at suporte@d9clube.com



    • Hi, Elizabeth.

      Can you access your D9Clube back office?
      To do so, please go to the following link: https://office.d9clube.com/login

      Enter your Login (Username)
      Enter your Password
      Next (Very Important), Check the box marked “I’m not a Robot”
      Then you must follow the instructions of the ‘Captcha’
      Once the conditions of the ‘Captcha’ have been fulfilled, then and only then can you click on the “Green” Enter button.

      If you can do this properly, you should be able to get into your D9Clube back office.

      Once in, do not worry too much about “Authy’ or “Google Authenicator” at this time. You will only get more confused.

      Try this and see what happens.

      Best regards,


  6. i also have problems in accesing my account…and opening seems problematic..

  7. Hi Admin ..I downloaded an authy that seemed not to work. I was told maybe its my phone that has issues. I have changed the phone, I just wanna know what I can do to download a new authy to the new phone so as to access my account. Its been more than a month now and am broke. Thank you

  8. I have tried to log in my account but have failed completely to. How can I reset although I have also tried and keeps giving me the same provisions.

    • Hi, Isacc.

      Give me your Login user name at D9Clube and I will write an email for you to send in ‘Portuguese’ to send.

      The English version would be:

      To: suporte@d9clube.com
      Hello Support.
      My name is Isaac Ojok Olva.
      I have tried to log in my account but have failed completely to. How can I reset although I have also tried and keeps giving me the same provisions.
      My Login username is: XXXXXXXXX
      And my email for that username login is:
      Can you help?
      Kindest regards,

      The Portuguese version would be:

      Para: suporte@d9clube.com
      Olá Suporte.
      Meu nome é Isaac Ojok Olva.
      Tentei fazer login na minha conta mas falharam completamente. Como posso redefinir, embora eu também tentei e continue me dando as mesmas provisões.
      Meu nome de usuário de login é: XXXXXXXXX
      E meu e-mail para esse login de nome de usuário é:
      Você pode ajudar?

      You can now do this on your own but if you more help…send me your username/login at D9 and I will see what I can do for you.
      Hang in there.


  9. Hello,
    i want to know, according to the roumours in our country [Tanzania] that, this business is illegal, and some memo is spreaded is some social medias.
    please can you explain for me ? but am member of this business

    • Hi, Asha.
      It is completely up to you to do things based on rumors or not.
      Rumors are exactly that…rumors.
      We have them flying around here in Canada and the US also.

      I do things based on what my heart and mind tell me.

      Hope this helps.


  10. Why is logging in D9 a problem in most cases, is it’s network poor

    • Hi, Peter.
      This site is not the official D9Clube site.
      This site is for information only.

      Try contacting support directly at D9Clube.

      This is their support email:


      Hope this helps.


    • Hi, Peter.
      Logging in has never been a problem for me. Why is logging in a problem for you?

      Please elaborate so, I can assist further.



    • Exercise caution at all times and never get in over your head.
      I try to provide as much information as I can so everyone can make their own informed decisions.
      Kindest Regards,

    • Hi, Manybay.
      What makes you believe that this business is good and just not another
      Ponzi scheme.

      I would value your thoughts.

      Kindest regards,


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