D9 Club – Review of Reviews

What Is The D9 Club?

The D9 Club is better “Experienced” than “Explained,” but let’s give it a try and also see how it is being reviewed by others.

D9 is a ‘By Invitation Only’ Entrepreneurs Club that anyone above ‘The Age of Majority’ can participate in.

It is a community made up of Open-minded people with a broader vision of seeking financial independence and a greater quality of life and freedom from daily routines for themselves and their families.

The D9 Clube website domain (“d9clube.com”) was registered on the 6th of January 2016. It belongs to Danilo Santana Gouvêia (Danny Santana) with Gouvêia listed as the owner, CEO and Founder of the D9 Clube.

There is very limited information available about this site and its owners on The Internet and what is availabe is in either PortugueseSpanish or Italian. The D9 club started in January 2016 and is based in Bahia Brazil, South America. It launched in Italy in September of the same year and has a very strong following there.

2017 looks like an expansion Worldwide for The D9 Club of Digital Entrepreneurs.

The D9 Clube (In both english & Latin) seems to have a lot of negative reviews on page one of Google. This is not necessarily a ‘bad thing,’ actually it’s a ‘Good Thing’ depending on how you look at it.

D9 is relatively new and thoughts are that they have not had a chance quite yet to ‘present properly’ their concept, short and long term goals and vision. From current understanding, their ‘Market Niche’ is in ‘Sports Trading’  through a platform offered by ‘Betfair’ and for most of us, a market or concept that we are probably not completely familiar with. The only thing for us to understand for the time being is that the Sports Trading Market is one where more than $100M USD changes hands each and every day Worldwide.

What Are Others Writing About D9?

Link to Pinterest - A world of Catalog Ideas.

Did you know that one of the easiest and fastest ways to get to page 1 on Google and ‘peddle your own stuff’‘ as an online marketer is to ‘Bash’ someone else through ‘Reviews?

You see it all the time. Most of these so-called reviews are under the headings of ‘Scams,’ ‘Legitimacy’ and ‘Reasons Not To.’

D9 has been getting a lot of ‘negative press’ on the internet in the way of reviews. In my opinion, these reviews are first of all copied from one another, secondly are not well sourced and finally are written by ‘Unqualified Reviewers’ that have not actually taken participation in the programs that they review. And they all end one way or another with the reviewer promoting their own ‘products or services’ as the ‘best thing since sliced bread.’ 

Let’s have a look at a few of the top reviews that are ‘reviewing’ D9 Club for their own benefit.

D9 Clube Review – Great Business Opportunity or Big Scam?

One of the top listed reviews is one posted by Jesse Singh on August 18,2016 through MARKETING EXTREME. 

Mr. Singh starts his review with:

“Thinking about joining this MLM company? Do NOT join before you read this D9 Clube review because I reveal the shocking truth behind them.” Read the entire review by going here.

My Comments to this review are in Blue:

Here’s ‘The Verdict’ From Marketing Xtreme:

Jesse writes, “D9 Clube actually looked good… It has retail products and a customer base which is a must… And I thought it was a cool idea, but then when they got into this whole ROI business, it went down hill….

How are they generating this consistent ROI through their betting system? There is nothing on the planet that can do that…What I would recommend to do is if you decided to join this company, tell your upline to show screen shots of the consistent ROI they are getting paid….”

Hey Jesse, that’s a great idea, and many do but did you know that you can buy software to create and modify your screen shots and ‘Screenshots’ are not always the way to convince people. Read the Article here “How to fake an Income Screenshot in under 5 minutes.” 

In answer to your other concern about how they are generating this consistent ROI (Return On Investment), there actually is something on this planet that can do that.

It is called “Arbitrage Sports Trading.”

Watch This short Video:

Sports Arbitrage Trading Introduction – ATP Platform

Pretty Cool Right?

Arbitrage Trading is the process where Professional Sports Traders take advantage of the variation in odds offered by different bookmakers in order to make a profit regardless of the outcome of an event.

Also known as ‘matched betting,’ or ‘surewins,’ arbitrage trading involves simultaneously betting on every outcome of an event, whilst making a calculation that the combined bets will lead to a guaranteed profit.

‘Arbitrage Trading’ has been dubbed “the only way to make a consistent profit” in Sports Betting, and it has certainly proved profitable for a lot of followers of the method. With that being said, Jesse, the process requires large stakes and a great deal of patience, given that the typical return on investment (ROI) is between two and five percent, depending on the event and a number of other factors. Learn More Here.

Jesse goes on to write:

“…What I think really is going on is they are taking those affiliate packages and paying off existing members with new members…Unlike they can prove me wrong…And if they are not doing that, there is still a regulatory compliance issue…Because D9 Clube hasn’t registered to offer securities….”

(Jesse, D9club does not deal in Fiat Curriencies. All transactions are done using Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies). PLEASE LEARN MORE ABOUT BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN HERE

“…I just can’t see the percentage of money from bets is paying that ROI…I would personally proceed with caution on this one… I could have personally joined any business including D9 Clube if I found it would give value to my members…But it doesn’t…Too many questions not answered in that business….”

It is truly unfortunate, Jesse that you did not take the time or make the effort to learn more about the Packages that are offered and the fact that ‘Recruiting is not a requirement.” As I wrote earlier on this page…”The D9 Club is better Experienced than Explained.”

To learn about the Viability and Sustainability of the D9 program please continue reading as it is explained towards the bottom at the end of this page.

Jesse finishes by saying:

“…Now I have reviewed hundreds of companies and decided to partner up with just one…Yes…ONE.”

Click Here For Jessie’s #1 Recommended Business.

…and this is what you will see. Something like this or another styled ‘Capture Page’):

Now that Jesse has our attention through a negative review of D9, he goes on to promote his wares. Pretty smart right?

“…It’s the only business where you will learn step by step on how to build online with the products all ready to go for you. Not only that, you get a one on one business coach in the system to help you every step of the way….”

Take a look at my 9 week results:

You know what? I would be really careful about making such Income Claims. I’m not 100% sure but I think it has something to do with the ‘Fair Practice’  Rules offered by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). 

Jesse’s reveiw is O.K. and any publicity for a new company whether negative or positive is good because it raises awareness. I just feel that the content of the review was “borrowed” and not “Experienced” because all of the ‘Top’ reviews posted about the D9 Club say almost the same thing in almost the same structure.

Anyway, let’s go to the next one. This one is from ‘Behind MLM’ probably the largest ‘Review Site’ on the Internet.

D9 Clube Review: Passive sports betting ROIs – BehindMLM

Posted two days later on August 18, 2016.

Read the “BEHIND MLM”  Review of D9 Club Here. 

Journalism 101: Film making Ethics

Click on image to go to “Desktop Documentaries”

The D9 Clube Review offered by BEHIND MLM starts the same way as the review by MARKETING EXTREME.

It does have some better ‘filler,’ but unfortunately, it is based on mostly ‘Hearsay” rumors and it seems like they have connections with other MLM reviewers across the Globe that feed everything back to BEHIND MLM. Don’t get me wrong, BEHIND MLM is one of the most popular Worldwide Marketing review sites and I often go to them for their views.

I just feel that any review should stand behind at least a certian level of ‘Ethical Journalism‘ based on ‘experiencing’ something rather than writing about it based on what others are saying. Would you write a ‘restaurant review’ without actually experiencing that restaurant? Probably not.

For objectivity sake, and to get my point across, I’d like to share someone else’s thoughts on ‘BEHIND MLM.’ 

Sort of like a ‘review of the reviewer.’

About David Boozer

Link to Daid Boozer's Website

Click on image to go to David Boozer’s Website

David Boozer is a professional Internet Marketing Coach & Professional Blogger who provides vital training for those looking to build, brand and manage their business online…the right way, the first time.”

In my opinion, he does really good work. You should subscribe or at least have a look at his work. He is a ‘Stand Up’ guy.

In a Blog Post he wrote back in 2013, he writes the following:

“I have been asked over and over again to share my thoughts about the BEHIND MLM website. So, here it goes. By the way, please do not get upset with me if you disagree, this is just one common sensed person’s belief….”

“…So is BehindMLM.Com doing a great public service or, is it simply a perfect way to generate an affiliate income by scaring the crap out of people? Well, as for myself, I am leaning towards the latter….”

Read the full Post Here.

O.K., I think that you are getting the idea behind reviews and what they are actually intended for in the hands of a person that knows what he or she is doing on the internet. 

Let’s look at one more before moving on. This one is from “WEB TRAFFIC LOUNGE.”

D9 Clube Review – Huge Scam Or Legit System? | Web Traffic Lounge

This one written by Nick Pratt  was posted on August 19, 2016. Read The Review Here.

Link to Web Traffic Lounge

Click on image to visit one of Nick’s sites.

Nick’s review starts with:

“See my unbiased D9 Clube Review to learn the truth about this business. Other reviews of D9 Clube want your money so be careful.”

“…All around the internet, D9 Clube has been getting lots of buzz. It would not surprise me if you told me you’ve heard of it, or someone has pitched it to you. It’s also really popular on social media. This first thing you should know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributer for D9 Clube….”

“I have gathered all the details about D9 Clube so you can make an informed decision. I’ll tell you everything you need to know in my Review Of D9 Clube…blah, blah,blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…” (I ask again…how can anyone gather all the details about something if you have not experienced it?) Registration is actually free. Check it out first and then offer your findings, please.

The filler for this review is just the same as the other reviews above but this one is fairly well written (Nick writes really well. He is a professional blogger). Unfortunately, before you get to the end of this rather lengthy review you are going to be hit by the below image twice and then again after the review.

And if you do click on the ‘Get My Free Guide’ then you are going to see this: Another E-mail Capture Page.

Listen, there’s nothing wrong with this type of data collection. It’s actually better than some other methods that I have seen being used. But to collect it at the expense of another by providing what may be considered ‘erroneous information’ through a review is probably unethical at best. Would you not agree? 

Nick goes further to write:

So, Is There A D9 Clube Scam Going On?

“Have you heard that D9 Clube is a scam? It’s hard to tell if this is true or not, because a lot of people are just trying to sell you something (through their reviews, right, Nick?)….”

“…So, from reading this, is D9 Clube a scam or is it legit? I would say not exactly, but there are a few things to watch out for, find out what in the conclusion…”

Finally we get to Nick’s Conclusion.

Finally, My D9 Clube Review And Conclusion!

View the Samsung Galaxy Line of Smartphones

Click on image to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy line of Smartphones.

Nick summarizes by saying: 

“If we look at nothing more than the betting platform that D9 Clube is marketing, there’s nothing that’s inherently wrong with it.

After paying an entry fee affiliates gain access to the platform for a total of 52 weeks. Tips on how to maximize your bets are offered to users, and the whole thing is quite legitimate. However, things quickly fall apart when we look at the company’s MLM side of things – arguably the most important aspect of any company in this realm….” (Partially true, Nick. The Platform that Nick is referring to is ‘Betfair’ and although ‘Betfair’ is the World’s largest Sports Trading Platform, it is not yet available in all Countries. Learn More About Betfair Here.

Most affiliates are not going to get involved in the ‘Betting’ aspect of the D9 Club right away because it is complicated. Yes, affiliates come into the program by purchasing a package but they do not have to get involved in the MLM side of the D9 program. Recruiting is strictly voluntary. To Learn more about how the D9 Compensation Plan really works including how the ROI’s are generated PLEASE GO HERE.

Nick goes on to write:

“…In fact, there are a few reasons for this trouble. First of all, while retail sales are the way to go, the company places a heavy emphasis on getting existing affiliates to recruit new members to join the company to take advantage of the unilevel and binary systems that are in play….” (Not completely true. I have not recruited a single person. I just bought a package so I could actually ‘Experience’ D9 first hand to be able to offer accurate information. After 3 months, I recovered the cost of my initial purchase package through bi-weekly withdrawals). As each week passed, my risk became less). To me, this was a calculated risk because my main business is not Network Marketing but the reporting of MLM and Network Marketing.

“…Secondly, there’s no good information (join D9 to find out, Nick. Registration is Free) as to how many retail consumers are actually purchasing access to the company’s betting platform. With the big push towards recruiting other people to join, and with most of the commissions available here, affiliates are encouraged to purchase different packages.”

“…As a result, this is more than likely where the majority of the funds are coming from – investments from current affiliates. So, with this being the case, D9 Clube using these investments to pay off ROIs and commissions for other affiliates turns them into a Ponzi scheme.”

Wow! to actually call this a ‘Ponzi Scheme’ is like calling the ‘Stock Exchange’ the same. Lets have a look Nick, at the D9 Club package that is most popular with affiliates that do not want to recruit. They just see the opportunity in ‘Arbitrage Sports Trading’ and are actually going to ‘use’ the services of the D9 Club ‘Sports Trader Specialists’ just as you might ‘Use’ the services of a ‘Stockbroker.’

And Nick, this is how the D9 traders do it:

D9 knows that they have to pay out a $170.00 commission to the person that sells this package. Then they have to pay out the the Binary portion. Then they have to pay out the Indirect Referral. See illustration below.

But even after all the payouts on this one package, they are left with $1360.00. They also know that they have to pay the holder in due course of this package $170.00 per week for 52 weeks. That’s when they put their Traders to Work.”

The Traders have $1360.00 to generate $170.00 per week or $24.28 per day (Sports Trading is a seven day a week event) to keep this package from becoming ‘delinquent.’ So, divide $24.28 by $1360.00 and that would mean that the Sports Trader would have to earn a minimum of 1.8% daily to keep this package performing.”

Well, when you look at it that way, if a trader cannot generate a 1.8% daily return where up to 5% returns per day are the norm, then that Trader is probably ‘incompetent.’ Would you not agree?

Learn More Here about Arbitrage Sports Betting.

I also want to make it completely clear that D9 and Betfair are in no way directly associated with each other (as some reviewers have claimed) outside of one company (D9) using the services of the other (Betfair).

Nick concludes by saying:

“At the end of the day, D9 Clube will likely cease to exist once affiliates stop investing into the company. They’ll be unable to pay out existing ROIs and commissions, and most people involved will end up losing out….”

Yes, Nick, I agree with you that if The D9 Clube is only about recruiting…the funds will run dry. If they do the trading, then there should be no inherent problems. Would you agree with me on this?

The most unfortunate thing in any line of work is that people do not want to do the work and look for the easiest way out. Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff are prime examples of this. If they had continued to do the ‘hard work’ that generates new revenues as promised, they would never have had a problem. But they took the lazy root which ultimately ends in lazy rest (Prison). 

3 Things have changed my life and given me an Internet Lifestyle:

  • Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Owning a Website

“Did you find this D9 Clube Review useful..?”

“…I wanted to gather all the details for you, because I have noticed other D9 Clube reviews have been scant on details. If you decide to proceed with D9 Clube, I want you to be successful….”

“…Get my free training that teaches you my methods for FREE”

Yes, Nick, I found your D9 Review quite useful but I felt that the content was “Borrowed’ and not “Experienced” just like the others. I could write that the ‘training’ you offer is really not ‘Free’ as others on the Internet have written, but that would not be fair to you because I have not experienced what you have to offer personally. I have however subscribed to find out what exactly it is that you have to offer. Thank you.

I couldn’t agree with you more though regarding the 3 things that have changed your life and given you an ‘Internet Lifestyle’ especially ‘Owning your own website.’ Without one, you are like a ‘Fish out of Water.’

I wish people in these industries would realize this fact. Learn how to CREATE FREE WEBSITES HERE or contact me to create one for you.

Now you know my views on ‘Reviews.’ Take them with a ‘Grain of Salt’ and always read between the lines, i.e. “Read the white on the Black.”

Learn more about the D9 Club below from someone that is actually ‘Experiencing’ it to see if it is a right fit for you and I’ll see you on the inside.

Kindest Regards,

Paul M.


Let’s move on….

Learn More About D9

Link to short video from 'Good Life Usa.'

Click on image to watch a short video from ‘Good Life USA’ on why most Network Marketing Companies Fail.

Click on the Image on the left to go to a short video from a ‘Top Earner’ in MLM from “Good Life USA” (yes, it’s Nick Pratt) as he talks about why 97% fail in MLM and Network Marketing. He specializes in selling leads. Fortunately he does not ‘Bash’ the D9 Program and calls it “Legit.” His review too “Sells” his products which is O.K.

After all, let’s not be naive. We are all people of ‘Business mind’ and seeker’s of opportunity. It’s just hard sometimes to sort out through the mounds of opportunity available. I think you have an idea of what I mean.

The premise behind the D9 Club of Entrepreneurs is based on ‘Sports Trading.” More specifically “Arbitrage Sports Trading.” Watch the Video Tutorial on Arbitrage Sports Trading Here.

The Traders at D9 specialize only on Football (Soccer) for those of us in North America.

“The current estimations, which include both the illegal markets and the legal markets, suggest the sports match-betting industry is worth anywhere between $700 Billion and $1 Trillion  a year,” says Darren Small, director of integrity  at Sportradar.

About 70% of that trade has been estimated to come from trading on football.

With Traditional betting houses you cannot move or modify your bets meaning that based on the original bet, you are either going to win or lose.

Advanced Sports Betting and Sports Trading uses a much more complete system available through Betfair and other Sports Trading Platforms (Read more Here).

Betfair is a platform very similar to the Stock Exchange and functions as a ‘buying & selling’ mechanism at certain times during a sporting event. Betfair moves more than $100M (one hundred million dollars) a day around the World. Their system provides for more probabilities and a better use of resources (more buy and sell options during the course of a game) which in turn provides for more opportunity to profit.

Betfair is:

  • The world’s largest sports trader;
  • They cover almost every existing sporting event;
  • They provide the opportunity to trade on a specific outcome;
  • The ‘Odds’ work as stocks i.e. ‘Buying & Selling’; and,
  • They are 100% credible in the market.

Please remember that there is no direct affiliation between Betfair and The D9 Club. D9 Club and its members simply use the platform just like anyone else that would have direct access to Betfair.


Link to University of South Florida

Consumers still trust ‘Word of Mouth’ advertising to anything else especially for referrals. Reviews are becoming more and more popular as more and more people embrace The Internet of Things.

D9 has a lot to offer. It is an ‘Opportunity’ and with any opportunity whether it is one that you have created for yourself or one that someone else has created for you there are always going to be inherent Risks. As an Entrepreneur, it is your duty to mitigate those risks by doing your due diligence and getting yourself educated. Thanks for being here.

Do not rely too heavily on ‘Third Party Reviews’ as they may cloud your judgment and you may end up with a lost opportunity. At the time of this writing, the only real concern that I have is that D9 have not yet integrated a ‘Seamless Payment and Withdrawal‘ system within their otherwise very transparent and efficient back office.

I have been told however that D9 are working very diligently on acquiring what is needed to integrate Bitcoin and Blockchain technology very shortly as their preferred payment system. This makes me quite happy because this form of payment system is the least expensive and the fastest for a user to use.

Learn More About how to open your Bitcoin/Blockchain Wallet Here.

Ultimately, only we can make decisions for ourselves and those decisions should be based on how comfortable we are with what we know and have learned about whatever opportunity we may choose to pursue.

The D9 Club offers an Opportunity. Actually 2 differnet opportunities all based on one concept…in one of the largest markets in the World. One for the Passive participant and one for the participant that knows how to build Networks…Or you can do both.

 How to Make $6,241.00 Over and Over Again.

Link to the D9 Compensation Plan explained

Sports Arbitrage Trading (Betting) can be regarded as one of the hottest source of income on the Internet. Put simply, sports arbitrage betting is the action of betting on both sides of a game at different sports books to guarantee a profit no matter the outcome of the game.

Put more simply, by backing all competing sides of a sporting event at different bookmakers using the highest odds available, you can set up a situation where each outcome will result in winnings greater than the total amount risked. This possibility arises from a difference in opinion about the fair odds of the event by bookmakers, and one bookmaker has given the favorite higher than usual odds, while the other bookmakers has given the underdog higher than usual odds. Individually neither bookmaker will make a loss, however if you take the combination of the two or more higher than usual odds, it may be possible to bet on all outcomes so that no matter who wins the sports event, your winnings will cover all bets completely and return a profit.


Subcribe to this Site:

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Stay up to date with what is going on in the D9 Club.

Returm often to learn more about what’s going on in the World of Bitcoin/Blockchain Technologies.

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Please leave your thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions to improve this site below.





  1. Total scam. My wife and many of her friends lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and we know we will never see that money. You should be ashamed of yourselves. All it will take is one disgruntled investor with a gun and all your greed will have come to nothing. I am amazed that the Brazilian government didn’t arrest you all but maybe you paid them off.

    • Hi, John.
      Let me make completely clear from the beginning that I and this site have nothing to do with the official D9Clube.
      I am an internet infopreneur and this site merely provides information regarding the D9 Project. In no way to I endorse this program nor do I do any recruitimg for this program.

      I did buy a package in order to set-up this site. How else could I write objectively without having access to the program.

      Also, I am here in Canada and not Brazil. I know about as much as anyone else that has been scammed by this company (myself included).

      I only got involved in this program because they said from the beginning that there activity would be ‘Arbitrage Sports Trading.’ I have an interest in Arbitrage. Unfortunately, they lied and zero Trading was done. So, in my opinion, they went from a potentially legitimate ongoing concern to a Ponzi HYIP.

      I agree with everything that you are saying, but please remember that I only act as a messenger to provide as much information that I can.
      As you know the Official D9Clube does not even have a proper website. There support is zero. They have zero training. All of their correspondence and videos are in Portuguese. These should have been ‘warning signs’ to all of us right from the beginning.

      Nowhere on my site will you see any referral links to ‘Sign up.’

      I hope you understand.

      Kindest regards,


    • Will they be able pay us our Money which we have invested if at all it closes because they way i see this it seem as if the business is closing

      • Hi, Pauline.
        Your guess is as good as mine. It seems that we have all been ‘Handcuffed’ and are being held ‘Hostage.’ This is very unfair.

        Apparently, we will learn more on October 5th.

        Check back to see what happens. You can also subsribe to my information site by going here: http://d9club.siterubix.com/membership-join

        Kindest regards,


  2. Thank you Paul
    I clearly understand you. kindly help us understand more and more about updates and changes that are happening within d9 clube.

    • Hi, Peter.
      Here in Canada, it is Monday already and the weekly DLD9 has not been paid. Please do not panick.
      I have been told that the new processing system wil be ready to go by Thursday so that withdrawls and new memberships can occur more seamlessly.
      We should also see our back office payments adjusted by Tuesday latest.

      I see, Peter that people are having many challenges in just accessing their accounts.
      I am unable to help these prople fully because I am not there physically to know what their challenges are.

      Also, I am not the D9Clube support team.

      I will try to do my best to help as many as I can.

      Kindest Regards,


  3. Am a member at d9clube and i appreciate you paul . your reviews on other reviewers work its outstanding and excellent. your information is based on real and practical job. you risked your cash to get proper information for the people who are ready to eradicate poverty , to experience change of livelihoods of many families in Africa#. D9 CLUBE IS HERE TO STAY.

    • Hi, Peter.
      Thank you for your very kind words.
      As I have always said and continue to say…as long as the D9 club is actually involved and participating in the “Arbitrage Sports Trading,’ there will not be a problem. If not, then the program will run out of steam, and those that are the later adopters will suffer.

      Google ‘the story of Charles Ponzi.’
      He, too started with a very good concept of ‘Arbitrage.’

      Here is an excerpt from an article:

      “He received a letter in the mail from a company in Spain that contained in it an international reply coupon (a coupon that can be exchanged for a number of priority airmail postage stamps from another country). Ponzi realized that he could turn a profit by buying IRCs in one country, and exchanging them for more expensive stamps in another country (Arbitrage).

      Ponzi’s initial offering worked like this: He would send money to agents working for him in other countries, who would buy IRCs and send them back to the United States. Ponzi would then exchange the IRC for stamps worth more than he paid for them, and sell the stamps. Ponzi reportedly made more than 400 percent on some of these sales.

      Not satisfied with running the profitable scheme on his own, Ponzi began to seek investors to turn even higher profits. He promised investors outrageous returns of 50 percent in 45 days, or 100 percent in 90 days. Ponzi paid these investors using money from other investors, rather than with actual profit from the trading of IRC’s….

      If D9 trades and pays with profits generated from the trading…no issues. If they do not, then it becomes very similar to the criminal scheme of yet another Ponzi artist, Bernie Madoff.

      Do you get my point here?

      Kindest regards,


  4. CAINE
    Hey guys I u deter and your concerns and me and my team want to assist you all in getting paid! Feel free to contact me. The money in our region is flowing effortlessly wemakestars1@gmail.com
    Paul this is the guy i was asking about. Anyone who knows about this guy please shed some light

    • Hi, Patricia.

      I do not know who this person is but I will allow the response in case someone can shed some light.

      Kindest Regards,


  5. hy Paul do u know if anyone has worked with this wemakestars guy and have they recieved the cash

    • Hi, Patricia.
      I am not familiar in any way with ‘We Make Stars.’
      Perhaps you could look into it and let us know.

      Best Regards,

  6. I would like to know how far will it take to pay the monday payments as untill now the payments are not made and is wednesday already.

    • Hi, James.
      I am not making excuses for The D9Clube as first of all, I am just like you…only a member.
      I am doing my best to keep other people members informed to the best of my ability.

      Write this email down:


      Use it for any and all concerns.

      Unfortunately, you have to send your concerns in Portuguese.

      You can use ‘Google Translate’ for this.

      For example, your comment see below:

      Dear Support.

      I would like to know how far will it take to pay the monday payments as untill now the payments are not made and is wednesday already.

      My Username login for D9 is:
      My verified email is:

      Kindest regards,


      Would look like this:

      Prezado apoio.

      Gostaria de saber até onde será necessário pagar os pagamentos de segunda-feira até agora os pagamentos não são feitos e já é quarta-feira.

      Meu nome de usuário login para D9 é:
      Meu email verificado é:



      Let me know how you make out.


  7. Great work Paul for the overwhelming task on educating a majority of us about the affiliation and ‘ connection’ between D9 clube and Betfair, and various other aspects, We in Kenya and surrounding countries are in a panic mode, since virtual payments have not been translating to solid cash and the ‘guff and fluff’ mails have really planted fears and anxiety. Kindly if you may allow me to send your blog site to my upline and associates , the information would be very helpful. Thankyou and Kudos
    Best regards

      • Hi Paul,
        Kindly would you engage me on how to transfer my points to VIP dollars and how do i open a Bitcoin account and trade with it?

        • Hi, James.
          Before you can move funds from D9 yo need to have a Bitcoin account.

          You have all that information at www,d9club.siterubix.com

          Just click on ‘How to open my Bitcoin Account.’

          Once you have done that…contact me back.

          The next stages are important.

          Kindest regards,


  8. Hey guys I u deter and your concerns and me and my team want to assist you all in getting paid! Feel free to contact me. The money in our region is flowing effortlessly wemakestars1@gmail.com

      • Hi, Caine
        Kindly indulge us on this platform how we engage with you and your team, time frame and what you make of this weeks un updated payments in the virtual office, we will appreciate your efforts.

  9. I have actually heard alot about d9 clube and really buy it but i am still a bit skeptical.
    So admin, could u help clear my doubt as to its authenticity as i would most likely love to be part of this. And please the guidelines on how to about it would also be appreciated.

    • Hi Abel.
      The most important aspect of any Network Marketing / MLM opportunity is to work with a sponsor that will
      work hand in hand with you and provide guidance.
      I have seen too many times, new members coming on board and being totally neglected.

      What part of the world are you in?

      I’m here in Canada.


  10. this is a big scam they are not paying they just take your money don’t sign up for your sake. spread the word a lot of people are being scammed don’t buy into this. spread the word. they stop paying people and blame the system they use to pay people but how can it work to take our money but not work to pay back its a scam believe me.

    • Hi, D9 is a scam.

      I will allow this comment because I am a believer of ‘freedom of speech.’

      I do not necessarily promote this program but I did buy a package to see if the program was real.
      I am a believer of ‘Arbitrage Trading.’

      I have never had a problem of ‘Not being paid.’

      Every Monday since the time I joined I have been paid $170.00.

      I take out $300.00 every other week.

      What seems to be the issue here?


  11. Hellow. Which is the best way to withdraw my weekly payment from my d9 account.

    • Hi, Salum.

      Excellent question.

      Many people are having issues and blaming the D9 system for their short comings.

      Keep your ‘My Data’ and my ‘Bank Data’ updated.

      You must understand that D9 receives and pays in Bitcoin. So you must have a Bitcoin receive code.

      Another way to liquidate your account can be done ‘internally.’ This is done by converting your back office points into VIP points.

      As you know, a D9 Gold Plus package comes at a price of $2049. If you have $1024.50 in your back office as basic points and an additional $1024.50 in VIP points, you can simply take the $2049.00 from a new member by using your back office.

      But in answer to your question…the best way depends on your own personal situation.

      For me…I am a part of the Bitcoin Ecosystem.

      Bitcoin is ‘Dynamic.’ Goes up and down.
      D9 is ‘Static.’ $2049.00 generates $7241.00 annual return.

      This allows me to ‘Hedge.’
      When Bitcoin goes up…it costs me less bitcoin to buy a package at D9.

      When Bitcoin goes down…I get more bitcoin for the same value.

      How awesome is that?

      Hope this helps.


  12. Hallo; Poul is there any problem in d9clube do you have any information about transaction.

    • Hi, Joel.
      From what I understand, the company is implementing an updated payment system.
      Where this is leading, I do not fully know.

      • Hi paul,
        I am an investor in D9clube
        We have been told to wait for 40 days till the new payment platform is in set
        But today we haven’t received any dollar
        Though some people are on tension but for me i believe it will come
        Any idea about this

        • Hi, Aminah.
          I have seen this happen only one time before.
          It occurred when some changes were being made to the system.
          However, people were paid later that same day or the next day depending on your time zone, etc.

          I think it has something to do with the incorporation of the ‘Betcoin’ Trading Platform.

          I like your frame of mind.
          Why panic needlessly?

          Thank you for your comment.


  13. Hi admin my account can’t open the registration part using my user/Login. Am now stuck because I can’t register any of my downliner.

    • First of all, please understand that I am Admin for this personal information website.

      I am not Admin for the d9clube.com

      With all the recent correspondence that I am receiving, it seems that the D9 Clube program is not performing as it should.

      Can someone in the World out there please let me know if D9 is actually trading. If they are not…we have a problem.

      Kindest regards,


  14. How do I reset my account if I factory reset my phone. And I can’t access my money

    • Hi, Kirior.
      If you cannot access your account…then obviously you cannot access your money.

      My first suggestion is to find a way to access your account.

      What do you think?


  15. Hey admin, do you have any idea why d9 about 3 weeks didnt pay anythink? Everybody waiting for payment bıt not yet!

    • Hi, D9 player.
      Please try to indicate how everyone are asking for their payment.
      Is it to their bitcoin account, is it to a ‘debit card,’ is is to a ‘third party’ payment processor?
      Unless I have specifics, I cannot answer in a responsible manner.

      Hope this helps.


    • Let me look into this more deeply as answering this from the top of my head would not be responsible.
      From an initial viewing though, I see that this publication is coming from a ‘Paid’ press release site and originated on April 12, 2017.
      Something is not quite right regarding the content of this release.

      Again, let me contact the Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM Brasil) to find if this is valid or just additional ‘fluff.’
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      I will do my best to find out.

      Kindest Regards,


      • good day sir , wel done. i really appreciate your education.
        i just wanted to know if you finally got any information from above enquiry. thanks

        • No, not yet.
          I tried calling The Securities Commission in Brazil.
          I had some challenges.

          I do not see anything on their site re: D9Clube.

          As I said earlier, the publication you were referring to was a ‘Paid’ Press Release Publication.

          I will keep you updated.

          Always ‘read the white on the black’ as the ‘black’ may not seem what it is supposed to seem.

          Stay in touch always,


  16. thanks alot , i appreciate your assurances on D9 CLUBE as i almost got confused from various post. my question is why is a big player likde d9 not on a secure site like https and not just http

    • Hi, Obajinmi.
      Let me first of all make it completely clear that I only attempt to provide information regarding the D9 Clube.
      I do not necessarily promote their efforts. Yes, I did purchase one package so I could provide the information
      to my readers accurately. And yes, I did recover my initial package purchase amount. I did not buy another like I see many others doing.
      I am a very conservative person but I do take risks that make sense to me.

      Regarding your question about http & https, I see that the site is in fact https.
      Not sure where you are getting this information.

      See below, the results on Google:

      Search Results
      Translate this page
      D9 Clube De Empreendedores. É um grupo formado por pessoas de visão ampla, voltadas para o empreendedorismo digita. Somos uma comunidade que …
      ‎D9 Clube de Empreendedores · ‎Cadastre-se · ‎Conferência · ‎Escola do Trader

      Hope this helps you out.


        • Hi, Obapower.
          This is important stuff.
          However, you are using different usernames and different Ip adresses to access information.
          I am wondering if you are just ‘trolling’ to find a weakness to use to your advantage.
          This is not a game.

          I will not condone this type of activity moving forward.

          Kindest Regards,


          • sorry Paul, i dont understand this statement you said above , i dont know much of computer I,T stuff but its the same computer am using, i am not intentionally playing any games except you explain well to mme

          • Listen, Obapower,
            In today’s Internet World…a certain amount of ‘Savvy’ is required to be able to compete.

            I’m not saying in way that one has to be an expert, just some basic understanding is required.

            I know that you are not playing ‘games’ with me but I saw the same IP coming from various locations.
            No harm done.


          • Hi, Obapower.
            Do not worry too much about being an expert.
            Do at least be able to do basic tasks like keeping your usernames and passwords safe secure and disctreet.
            And yes, do not lose your phone.

            So many questions here on some very simple situations.
            Just goes to show you how naive people are at sometimes.

            Keep the lines of communication open.


    • Feel free to contact me if you do not understand the information provided on this site.
      I am here to help in any way moving forward toward future bitcoin programs and this one offered through the D9 Clube.
      Stay in touch.
      Kindest regards,
      For: http://www.d9club.siterubix.com

  17. Dear Admin,
    I am not able to receive the emails from my D9 clube . What happened is I accedentaly
    assign spam to D9 email then after there the emails went to spam, when I went to spam to check my emails, I checked them as not spam , they all return to the inbox. But from that moment till now I am not able to receive D9 clube emails. I have checked in all folders
    trush,deleted and others not d9 emails, I can not transfer or withdraw money because I don’t receive tokens. I wrote to yahoo support and they replied to me in the email pasted below .
    Thanks for reaching out, and I’m sorry that you’re having trouble receiving emails from d9clube.com.
    Our mail servers appear to be fully functional at this time. Occasionally, temporary network issues can cause a message to be deferred or even fail.
    Please have the mail systems administrator or the postmaster for d9clube.com contact us directly. We’re unable to contact them for you; they require all requests be sent in by the customer.
    The postmaster’s address is usually in the format: “postmaster@example.com”, where “example” is your email provider’s domain (examples include MSN, AOL, Google).
    You’ll need to send the postmaster of d9clube.com the details of your concern including any error codes you’ve received. Please instruct them to contact us through the Yahoo Mail Postmaster help pages:
    We appreciate your patience and understanding.
    Thank you for choosing Yahoo, and we look forward to hearing from you again.
    Yahoo Customer Care
    Thank you so much for your support

    I have checked to my filters, blocked address and reply address all setting are fine.
    my username is tassey and tassey1 all are my accounts pse I need your help

    • Hello, Theophil.
      Please do not confuse this information site with the Actual D9 Clube. Their actual website can be found here: http://www.d9clube.com
      Unfortunately, I am not able to help you with your email problem and you should contact there support team directly. Another option would be to get some guidance from your immediate upline.
      Hope this helps.
      For: Admin

    • Hi Hope you managed to get help. D9 now uses google autenticator and not tokens via email. You need to update your security settings.

      • Hi. Toya.
        Yes, you are correct.
        Thank you for your update.
        I’m sure it will help others here.

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