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On The Subject Of Me…

On the subject of me… Hi, my name is Paul and I am a former Professional Chef.  My experience in the Hospitality Industry has spanned almost forty years.

I am a regular guy who used to have specialized jobs and at one time owned and operated my own restaurant with my now Ex-Wife (I never re-married).

I have one grown son attending University and he is pursuing his ambition in Modern Medicine. My Son and Ex-Wife currently live in Calgary, Alberta. 

I have also been blessed with one older brother, one older sister, four nephews and one niece. Dad passed away in 2013 (may he continue to float). Mom is still with us but requires some special attention that neither of us kids can any longer provide sufficiently.

I now live a simple lifestyle without too many distractions in a humble and quiet setting.

I came to the Internet in search of opportunity to make more money without having to run around too much. I’ve been at it for a while and I like it.

I’m cynical about some of the topics that I’m going to write about here and welcome discussion, interaction and a ‘help each other’ point of view if you would like to do so.

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Do Not Take Things Too Seriously…

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After a busy and very demanding career as a Chef, I now enjoy the more simple things in life and do not take things too seriously.

Unfortunately, things aren’t as regular as they used to be. I have had some major Auto Immune issues that were finally diagnosed a few years ago which have led to a new direction for the final chapter of my life. “The best and worst things in life are usually the things that happen unplanned.”

I have lived and worked in Ontario, Canada for most of my adult life. Since leaving the Profession of Cooking, I have been doing freelance work as an Independent Contractor in the Lending Industry as a Loans Referral Agent and I also represent a ‘Green Energy’ company that has just been launched recently by a very close friend who I admire and trust. I have also dabbled (still do) in Network, Affiliate and Direct Marketing and like most have had some failures and some success.

I like what I’m doing but ‘Commission Only’ Jobs are often ‘Feast or Famine’ situations and require careful planning and budgeting. That, compounded with my recurring lack of physical mobility due illness makes things difficult at times to move around freely to attend face-to-face meetings and presentations to build the foundations of success for my various business interests.

Outside of the one-time that I owned my own my own restaurant (1983-1994), I have worked for others. Unfortunately, leveraging one’s skills and efforts for others does not always provide the type of outcome that we were born to experience and deserve. Since about 2002, there has always been a little voice resonating in the back of my head that kept saying “You’ll never be completely happy working for someone else. When are you going to get the ‘strength’ to try working for yourself again?”

Well, I’ve been working for myself since around 2006 but I never really embraced the opportunities that the Internet has had to offer seriously. Like learning how to build this website amongst other things.

The Right Path is sometimes the one…

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“The right path is sometimes the one… we make for ourselves that leads to our version of happiness and prosperity.” I recently came to the conclusion that I have to “Inhale the present and future…and Exhale the past.”

I had thought about going back to school to get an accounting degree from one of the colleges nearby. That way, I could set up a small practice from home and work for myself well into my final years. Then I looked at the Tuition Fees. Ouch! And then the time required…4 years just to become an ‘Undergraduate’ just to get started in the field. No thanks!

The ‘going back to formal schooling’ idea was not going to work for me. I had neither the time nor the money and I certainly did not want to, at this stage in my life take on ‘Student Debt’ .

I think that the most important thing that my Dad left with me was his firm belief that “It is never too late to start today what you should have or wanted to start yesterday.” He came to this country as a laborer, became an entrepreneur and at the age of 56, went back to school to fulfill his life long dream of becoming a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. He helped pioneer ‘Electro-Acupunture’ here in Canada and his specialities were ‘Homeopathy’ and ‘Homotoxicology.’ 

So, the next best thing to Formal Schooling for me, was to  Search the Internet for business opportunities  and Internet Marketing Strategies. And search, I did…mostly ending in dissapointment through ‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes and promises made which resulted in false hopes and dreams.

What I was looking for at first on The Internet proved to be the ‘Wrong Thing.’ I wanted to get rich NOW!

Get Rich Now!

Image attributes to “The Secret Money System.” You can watch the entire video below. Time: 1 Hr. 13 min.38 seconds.

‘Get Rich Quick’ Schemes have mutated into an Online Monster. A ‘Network of Pitchmen’ and self-proclaimed “Guru’s” have used and are still using The Internet and the ‘Fear of Failing economies’ to play the ultimate ‘Long Con’ on innocent and unsuspecting people all around the World.

There seems to be a common aspiration that making money online quickly through Internet Marketing is a real possibility…that E-Commerce may open more doors. The big question is how to find Integrity, Value and Honor with the producer or marketer of any program?

The term Internet Marketing in this context describes both a particular business model used to sell fraudulent products and services online, and the community or subculture that embraces it. It operates out in the open — with poorly designed websites, tacky infomercials, and outrageous claims designed to scare off the wary and draw in the curious, desperate, and naive.

The Syndicate (Business Group)

The Syndicate is a business group that uses digital marketing to sell get rich quick, work from home and self help products. Watch the Video below titled “Scamworld.” It is not intended to scare you about Internet Marketing but instead to let you know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Scamworld: The Video

Members of the Syndicate use online advertising, email marketing, affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing to sell “info products”, such as self-published books and videos that purport to teach customers how to get rich through online business.[1] They also do lead generation for pressure-sales telemarketing companies called “boiler rooms“.[1] The Syndicate’s members use the group as a way of coordinating product launches and release dates, and of enhancing perceived credibility through social proof.[1][3] According to Syndicate member Frank Kern, “Have you ever noticed that all the people in the Internet Marketing world are promoting each other? I mean, we’re not psychic. It’s not like, ‘Oh, I suddenly realize he’s having a launch today, I have to nail it’. We all work together, all the top people work together.”[3]

Critic Jason Jones, who blogs as The Salty Droid, has accused the Syndicate of being a cartel that harms customers through price fixing and unfair competition.[1][4]Syndicate member Frank Kern denies this, and claims that the Syndicate’s purpose is to “help the customer have a great experience”.

Source Wikipedia (you are going to see some names that you wouldn’t think would be involved).

Wealthy Affiliate University

Links to the Education Page

Is an Affiliate Open Education Project and one that is very close to my heart.

I am a firm believer of Education and I am a full-time career student now. I am fortunate to be in an online environment where I can Learn and Earn at the same time. I wrote at the beginning of this page that I was thinking of going back to ‘Formal Education’ to get an accounting degree but the cost of doing so was prohibitive for me. Call it ‘luck,’ call it ‘diligence,’ or just simply call it ‘destiny’ that In May of 2016 I came across an opportunity to look at something for FREE.

I had looked at some other FREE stuff in the past, but it always ended up costing me wasted time and a good chunk of money. This program is now in its eleventh year on the Internet and I have no intentions of ever leaving. You can view my Profile Here.

I am learning that the only way to ‘Get Rich Quick’ is ‘to do it slowly.’

  • Find an Interest or have a Passion;
  • Get Educated
  • Be Diligent
  • Be Persistent
  • Always maintain Integrity
  • Capitalize on Ingenuity
  • Endure
  • And above all, do not be afraid of Opportunity

Notice that all of the things I have advocated are actually character traits. They’re not methods or business processes any more than they are just ways of living your life.

I contend that building wealth and being successful in any avenue of life has more to do with who you are rather than what you do.

We all want to be rich. And we all want to be rich now. This is not going to happen unless you are really lucky and win the lottery. If you came across this site looking for quick ways to make money, I also contend that you are taking the wrong approach.

For less than $400 per year I have all the tools and training I require to build my presence on the Internet on my terms and on my time. It’s the first logical step. I am now capable of presenting other opportunities to the entire Internet World with relative ease.

Learn why you should think about becoming a Wealthy Affiliate by going HERE. (Coming Shortly).

I’d like to Thank You for taking the time to learn a little something about me.

I look forward to learning, sharing and serving with you as we all move forward here together.

Kindest Regards,



Definition of an Entrepreneur:

A ‘Seeker’ of ‘Opportunity.’

I have always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and it showed in my career as a Chef and everything else that I have done so far in my life. I try always to keep an open mind and I am what you might call a seeker of “Opportunity.”

Here’s what I mean from a video borrowed from “Entrepreneur Knight.”

Definition of an Entrepreneur: an opportunity seeker.

According to the video, an ‘Entrepreneur’ is a “person who organizes and manages any enterprise.” This means, any ‘Niche,’ any place, anytime and anywhere. An Entrepreneur ‘Can and will make it happen.’

Entrepreneurs do this with ‘Considerable Risk’ but they are not focussing on the ‘Risk.’ Instead, they are focussing on ‘The Opportunity’ and taking action on that opportunity to make things happen. Yes, they sometimes lose some money, but they see the opportunity for what it is.

Entrepreneurs realize that for ‘every problem,’ there is a new opportunity, and for every new opportunity there is a new door that is open. An Entrepreneur is set out to change the World. Entrepreneurs find people or take people that they know and they connect with these people and train them so they can be leaders themselves.

Entrepreneurs find new opportunities every day and they continue to adapt to New Technology. It does not matter where they are or what ‘Niche’ they are in. They take a problem and find a solution for people. That is the Key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Recently a very close friend asked me to look at an Opportunity. After doing my homework, I did eventually join. I am a firm believer that one should not make any jugements on any opportunity unless they have actually experienced the opportunity themselves.







  1. Thanx Paul
    I need more info on D9
    I would like to invest like kshs 2 million
    Your take?

    • Hi, Kaari.
      Thank you for your comment.

      You would only require about 213,000 Kshs to set up each account.
      100% of that would have to be in Bitcoin. So, approximately 0.54 Btc.

      If however, you joined under someone that is already a member with back office money (points),
      only half of the $2050.00 USD would be required in Bitcoin and the remaining have could be converted by your sponsor in points.

      Yes, seems complicated.

      I am in Canada.

      What part of the World are you in?

      Depending where you are, I can connect you with someone already there.

      Let me know.

      Kindest regards,


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